Challenges of PR19: How the Water Industry Can Respond

Ovarro Chief Executive, David Frost, spoke to LSBUD in their recent industry whitepaper about the impact of smart technology on water companies across the UK.

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Pinpoint leak detection on plastic pipes now possible
The Enigma3hyQ sensor and LeakNavigator, are transforming leak detection in plastic water pipes, significantly aiding the UK's water mains upgrades and reducing water wastage.
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Acoustic loggers identify water leaks
Tackling water scarcity with digital technologies
Water companies are expected to reduce leakage by at least an average of 15 per cent by 2025 — but how is this achievable when 21 per cent of water supply is still being lost to leaks? David Frost, CEO of Ovarro, explores why innovative water management approaches are needed urgently, and how the internet of things (IoT) can play a pivotal role.
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Discover how recruiting a diverse and inclusive workforce supports ESG goals and drives innovation
Diverse and inclusive recruitment enhances sustainability, creativity, and business performance. Greg Brotherton of Ovarro explains how aligning ESG principles with hiring practices drives innovation and attracts top talent.
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Ovarro technology developments shared at Ozwater
As a solutions provider for critical assets and infrastructure, Ovarro will be showcasing cutting-edge tools that are helping global water utilities and municipalities in Australia and New Zealand, and around the world, improve operational efficiency and reduce non-revenue water.
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Bold ambition on leakage investment bodes well
Those water companies getting on the front foot with leakage targets and technology investment now will be in a strong position going into AMP8, writes Paul Hartley, chief commercial officer, Ovarro.
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Global leakage success shared at Asia Water
Delegates to the Asia Water 2024 conference, taking place in Malaysia in April, will hear about leakage reduction best practices. Leakage solutions director Tony Gwynne will deliver a technology seminar, ‘Reducing non-revenue-water on plastic networks with fixed hydrophones’.
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The oil and gas industry is making better use of sustainable technologies.
Sustainability under extreme conditions
The oil and gas industry faces demands to adopt more sustainable practices. But, given that fossil fuels will remain essential to global growth for the next 10-20 years, can the industry ever be truly sustainable and reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and other greenhouse gas emissions?
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Smart grid management with RTUs from Ovarro
Empowering smart grids
Smart grids are revolutionising electricity distribution, but managing the myriad of new renewable energy sources is becoming an increasingly complex task for network operators due to the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). Here, Etienne Clauw, associate product line manager for remote telemetry units (RTUs) at Ovarro, explains why
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Flow insights lower the cost of water-saving
Discover how Ovarro's XiLogFlow revolutionizes water efficiency with advanced flow monitoring technology. Reduce costs and improve sustainability by detecting leaks and optimizing water usage in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.
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Cloud platform
Efficient Leak Detection Solutions: Ovarro's Cloud-Based Platforms Unveiled at PAWD Convention
Explore Ovarro's innovative cloud-based platforms for faster and more efficient leak detection, presented at the Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD) annual convention. Learn about LeakInsight and how advanced technology is revolutionizing the process.
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Ovarro pioneers smart technologies at the forefront of pollution prevention, showcased at the World
Preventing Pollution Proactively: Insights from Ovarro's Innovation Summit Panel
Ovarro pioneers smart technologies at the forefront of pollution prevention, showcased at the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit. From preemptive pollution measures to revolutionary leakage detection, their solutions lead the industry toward a more resilient water future.
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Exploring Cutting-Edge Non-Acoustic Leak Detection Technologies: Insights from Ovarro and UKWIR
Discover the latest advancements in non-acoustic leak detection techniques with Ovarro and UKWIR's comprehensive update, offering insights into emerging technologies like quantum gravimetry and best practice guidance for successful trials. From satellite-based methods to cutting-edge concepts.
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XiLogFlow offers lower-cost flow monitoring
A new flow datalogger from Ovarro has been launched, offering cutting-edge monitoring technology at a lower cost. The new XiLogFlow was developed in response to the customer's need for a low-cost flow monitoring product that is simple to install and use. The logger provides real-time flow insights from any pipe network – transmitting meter readings
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Reducing leakage events with Ovarro's acoustic leak loggers
Striving towards zero leakage
It’s estimated that 30 per cent of the water put into pipes is lost before it reaches consumers. Barbara Hathaway, Technology Leader (Leakage Solutions), and Katie Good, Vice President, Operations explain how Enigma acoustic leak loggers and advanced cloud-based monitoring and analytics solutions can help.
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Ovarro Launches Graduate Program
Ovarro, the remote monitoring specialist across several sectors — including water, oil and gas, broadcast, transportation and power — has unveiled an ambitious new Graduate Program. Five graduate hires have joined Ovarro to fortify the global company’s operations in the water management and leak detection industries.
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Water Utility
A faster route to improved performance
Since Ofwat’s 2022-2023 water company performance report was published last week, finding the majority of companies had under-performed, suppliers to the sector in England and Wales have been thinking about their role in the delivery of the necessary service improvements.
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Finding an efficient route to improved leakage performance
Water companies have set out 2025-2030 leakage ambitions that, if achieved, would put them among the top five performing countries in Europe. With higher operational costs and resource challenges to factor in, the supply chain can offer a more efficient route to success, writes Barbara Hathaway, leakage technology leader, Ovarro.
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Partner Program
Combining key strengths to deliver business growth
Ovarro’s channel partners are key to our global market strategy. In this blog, we shine a light on our Authorised Ovarro Partner (AOP) programme and the opportunities it presents businesses.
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Ovarro’s own carbon footprint analysis has identified key areas contributing to its emissions, parti
Sustainability’s hidden benefits
Businesses must prove to customers and stakeholders that they are meeting environmental objectives — sustainability is no longer optional, it is imperative. Here, Katie Good, vice president of operations at Ovarro, explains how calculating carbon footprint is crucial for ensuring industrial businesses meet their reduction targets.
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Monitoring & Control
The future of leakage, our Groundbreaking White Paper
Widespread loss through leaking pipes is unacceptable in the eyes of the public and regulators but technology continues to advance, writes Barbara Hathaway, leakage solutions technology leader, Ovarro, on the launch of a new deep dive report.
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Developing better CRS initiatives
Embracing a sustainable future
Anna Collins, Vice President, People and Culture at Ovarro, explains how better ROI reporting, employee programs and technology offerings can combine for better CSR initiatives.
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Business Integration with ControlPoint
Business integration creates unique leakage offering
The successful integration of technology companies Ovarro and ControlPoint is delivering a unique one-stop-shop for leakage reduction, detection and prevention.
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Repair centre
Ovarro leakage service centre increases European capacity
Technology company Ovarro has opened a new leakage service centre for European customers, based at the company’s manufacturing facility in Steenwijk, Netherlands.
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Barbara Hathaway
Barbara Hathaway announced as technology leader for leakage solutions
Ovarro has announced the appointment of Barbara Hathaway as new technology leader specialising in leakage solutions.
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RTUs are a powerful alternative to PLC systems, including in industrial settings.
Using the TBox LT2 as a programmable logic controller
Are you getting full value from your programmable logic controller (PLC)? At Ovarro, we are advocates of using remote telemetry units (RTUs) as a powerful alternative to PLC systems.
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LeakNavigator showcased at global innovation summit
Ovarro’s chief technology officer Matthew Hawkridge was a speaker at World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2023 in London in February.
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Leakage summit
Leakage innovation focus at Ovarro international gathering
An international network of water technology specialists has come together to discuss delivery of data-led leakage solutions to utilities around the world.
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Leak Navigator
Ovarro launches LeakNavigator
As the water sector goes forward with wider use of as-a-service models to boost efficiency, Ovarro has created a new end-to-end leakage reduction solution. UK water company trials record a 20-25% increase in leaks found using Ovarro's new technology.
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Building a cyber-resilient water future
A criminal cyber-attack on a UK water company in August 2022, which saw hackers gain access to customer banking details, led utilities to urgently reassess cybersecurity strategies. In this Q&A, Philippe Willems, engineering manager at Ovarro, discusses the enduring challenge for the water sector and what it means for suppliers.
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Engineer inspecting pipe leak underground
How to detect a pipe leak underground
The pressure on water authorities around the world to reduce the number of leakage events has never been greater. Wasted water can be reduced by implementing leak detection services as soon as a suspected pipe leak occurs.
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A natural approach to carbon neutrality
Here, Ronald Robbertsen, project engineer at the remote telemetry specialist Ovarro, explains why smart grids and remote telemetry units (RTUs) will be critical if the horticulture industry is to help the Netherlands achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
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Ovarro Joins the Industrial Control System Community of Interest
Our representative is collaborating and contributing to a UK community where knowledge of cyber security (and related safety information) can be exchanged to benefit the wellbeing of the UK.
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Using data to plug pipe assembly leaks
The UK water sector is making significant progress in reducing leakage, but a data-led approach on flange and joint assemblies, combined with workforce training, can still deliver significant gains, writes Ben Crabtree, product line manager ControlPoint, at Ovarro.
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Alva's implementation of Pioneer after a successful trial
Alva is the first in Scandinavia to fully implement Ovarro's PIONEER asset investment planning software across its water and sewer networks after a trial period. Click to find out more.
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New year brings resolution on pollution
With sector-wide recognition that a step-change is required to deliver the environmental improvements required by all stakeholders, a new year brings fresh opportunities.
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Log4j Overview Related Software
This page contains an overview of any related software regarding the Log4j vulnerability. On this page Ovarro will maintain a list of all known vulnerable and not vulnerable software.
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Product Launch: XiLogIoT
Introducing the next generation of XiLog. Strengthening connectivity with CATM1 and NB-IoT modems, the XiLogIoT will futureproof your network and increase operational efficiency.
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Product Launch: Enigma3-BB
Introducing Enigma3-BB, for finding leaks on plastic pipes. With flexible logger placement, the Enigma3-BB can increase operational efficiency with its innovative design.
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TBox Security Update
Ovarro’s recent collaboration with the US-CERT and Claroty resulted in confirmed vulnerabilities in our “off- the-shelf” product TBox. Find out how the vulnerabilities were addressed here.
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SolarWinds Statement - December 2020
Ovarro's published statement in response to the SolarWinds breach. December 2020.
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Ovarro collaborates on major smart network trial
Advanced data-led technology from Ovarro is successfully feeding into the largest smart water network pilot in the UK. Discover more about the pilot with Yorkshire Water.
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Water industry urged to 'be agile' to build resilience
Industry experts shared their thoughts on the effects of the current pandemic on the water sector during a recent webinar hosted by Ovarro for the water industry. Find out what they had to say here.
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How to improve process control using RTU's
Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Hawkridge, discusses why RTUs improve security, productivity, safety and operations. Read more about how Ovarro RTUs can support your business to improve efficiency today.
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Snow covered rail track
Automated point heaters show IoT potential
The roll-out of automated point heaters in Switzerland offers a case study showing how industrial IoT technology can help rail operators improve efficiency and reduce costs even as traffic increases.
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Finnish utility trials asset investment planning software
Finnish multi-utility, Alva, is the first in Scandinavia to trial PIONEER asset investment planning software. PIONEER is a web-based decision support platform that can optimise asset management planning and operational strategies.
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Telemetry's pivotal role in the energy transition
Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Hawkridge, looks at why the latest remote telemetry unit systems take energy companies closer to the utopia of smart grids.
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Expert advice on remote telemetry units
Read our latest Q&A with Engineer Live. Our Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Hawkridge, tackled a series of questions about remote telemetry units and their benefits.
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Measure it to control it
Ovarro Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Hawkridge, looks at how RTUs are the most efficient way to monitor and control your complex, critical assets.
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The IIoT journey starts with remote telemetry
Craig Abbott, Sales Manager, Ovarro, discusses how remote telemetry units for monitoring and control can be used in intelligent power, broadcast, transport and more.
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Revolutionary leak detection technology delivers huge leak reductions
Through a joint project with Ovarro, Anglian Water has seen a leakage reduction of 1.4 million litres of water per day in targeted areas.
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Age of data driven leakage management dawns
Water scarcity and regulatory pressure are leading to more remote monitoring of leakage, says Alan Cunningham, Technical Director, Ovarro, and technological advances and human resource challenges mean that might be about to accelerate.
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Telemetry: Present and Future
Discover how existing RTU technology can be applied to meet growing demand in the oil and gas sector, now and in the future.
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A diversified energy sector needs smarter RTUs
Read what Ovarro Channel Sales Director, Philippe Aretz, had to say about the opportunities and challenges of a more diversified energy sector.
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On the right technology track
1.76 billion journeys were completed on Britain’s rail network during 2018-19. Discover how RTUs can help rail operators safely optimise their networks in our latest article.
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Regulation driving change in leak detection
Ovarro VP of Engineering, Barbara Hathaway, discusses how recent industry regulations and increasing customer expectations will affect the water industry.
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