Using the TBox LT2 as a programmable logic controller

Using the TBox LT2 as a programmable logic controller

Are you getting full value from your programmable logic controller (PLC)? At Ovarro, we are advocates of using remote telemetry units (RTUs) as a powerful alternative to PLC systems.

The effective monitoring and control of assets is imperative in water networks, energy grids, rail infrastructure and other industrial settings. PLCs have long been trusted to share critical data between devices in these complex networks.

Flexible inputs and outputs (I/Os) enable PLCs to connect with various pieces of multi-vendor equipment and connect industrial grids. But did you know that an RTU from Ovarro can do just that, too?

TBox LT2 RTUs are secure, proven and trusted devices for remote automation and data logging. At Ovarro, we have supported numerous customers in deploying TBox LT2 RTUs as PLCs in a range of sectors — such as water, energy, rail, broadcast and the process industry.

The TBox offers up to 26 digital and analogue I/Os for both monitoring and control functions and has a wide variety of freely available communication protocol add-ons, for collecting and distributing didital data throughout plant networks. This is especially important in water, energy, rail, and other industrial settings where protocols will differ due to the varying ages, OEMs and vendors of equipment. 

Features of the TBox as a PLC

The TBox’s features and benefits include:

  • Cyber security for assets and data

All TBox devices and connected assets are protected by a state-of-the-art cyber security suite with authentication, encryption, firewall, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, SMTPS, SFTP/FTPS and VPN

  • Ease of use

Web server technology eliminates dependency on SCADA software and expensive human machine interface (HMI) displays and allows for overall reductions in engineering time. The Tbox gives the same ease-of-control, visualization and ladder logic capabilities as traditional PLCs

  • Real-time alarms

Alarm management systems with push notifications can immediately inform operators of faults or errors in a network, sending multimedia messages and live updates

  • Remote monitoring

Network operators can remotely monitor and control critical assets and applications in real-time, from across the globe

  • Integrated LTE/4G

The TBox LT2 RTU’s 4G and LTE modem compatibility allows the access and control of valuable assets in real-time, including assets in remote or hazardous locations

  • Low Power Consumption

Consuming less than 4W, the TBox LT2 is ideal for monitoring assets in remote locations with limited or no locally available power. Where mains power supply is unstable, the LT2 can make use of its integrated battery backup management system to keep reporting faults and alarms and to maintain a historical log of all events, even when other systems have gone dark.


TBox LT2 applications

Ovarro’s TBox LT2 unit is compatible with IEC 1131-3 standard communications protocols for PLCs, and is able to form ladder logic operations. Because the TBox LT2 allows ladder logic programming, it can be integrated into industrial environments where both old and new machinery is installed.

The TBox LT2 also has built-in PLC and IT protocols as part of its all-inclusive package.

TBox RTUs already support thousands of applications worldwide. They include control systems for buildings, monitoring transmissions in broadcast networks, and controlling supply levels of essential commodities like oil, gas and water. As a trusted alternative to PLCs, the TBox LT2 is capable of doing it all. 

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