Page reviewed 05/08/2020

Ovarro (previously Servelec Technologies / Primayer) continues to monitor the impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and how it may affect our employees, customers and supply chain.

We understand the important role we play in our customers operations and like many of you we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation in each country we operate from and across our supply chain.

We would like to reassure you that our established business continuity plans are specifically designed to protect business operations and ensure core support and product delivery capabilities can continue to operate.

Our team is monitoring Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Our business continuity planning will ensure we are in the best position to protect our employees and to work with our, customers, suppliers and other key partners to manage what is happening as effectively as possible.

This page will be reviewed and if necessary updated to keep you up to date with our latest position on COVID-19 and changes that may occur as a result of it. The information relates to all our office locations, however, should you have a question specific to your local office please contact

Support & Project Delivery:

Our Global support and project delivery teams are now working remotely to help safeguard the delivery of core projects and services.


We can confirm that the responses from our suppliers to date have been positive with only a few minor delays, experienced. To date Ovarro has been able to manage these delays without impacting supply continuity. The supply situation however is subject to rapid change. We can assure you that we are monitoring our supply chain very closely and planning as appropriate to help minimise any impacts to our supply chain.

Ovarro is also aware of transport delays of typically between 1-4 days. These delays are dependent on the country of origin / destination, please check with your local Ovarro office or distributor for further details.

Ovarro has manufacturing sites across several countries and at present all sites continue to operate and deliveries to customers are continuing with minimal disruption.

Despite the recent lockdown provisions in Melbourne, Australia our site in Melbourne continues to operate as an Essential manufacturing business and we foresee our operations at this location continuing to service customers, as it has done, throughout this COVID-19 crisis.

Our Advice

Our advice to all customers is to review your critical stocks for spares, and for upcoming business critical projects with heavy downstream dependencies. Based on the outcome of your review, we would then advise you to place orders as soon as possible, such that on hand, and pending inventory, can be allocated and secured.

International Travel:

To protect our employees and customers, all non-essential international travel has been suspended. Individual travel requirements will be reviewed on a case by case basis ensuring compliance with the most recent travel advice issued by relevant authorities.

External Meetings:

To protect our employees and customers, with effect from the 12th March 2020, the company policy is that all non-essential external meetings are to be conducted remotely where possible via methods such as telephone or video conference.

For meetings that are already scheduled, your Ovarro point of contact will be in touch to provide further details.

Working from Home:

Following the UK governments advice issued on Monday 16th March, and similar advice affecting our Global offices, our employees have been advised to work from home wherever possible. 

On behalf of myself and all our colleagues I would like to thank you for your continued understanding in this situation.

David Frost