SCOPE SCADA system from Ovarro

SCOPE SCADA and telemetry solution to monitor and control a diverse range of assets


SCOPE SCADA and telemetry solution to monitor and control a diverse range of assets

SCOPE SCADA system from Ovarro

SCOPE (or Secure Configurable On-Line Process Executive) is Ovarro’s enterprise SCADA telemetry solution.* The feature-rich supervisory system is used to monitor and control a diverse range of assets in real-time. It is one of several tailor-made software solutions from Ovarro used for control, data acquisition and effective reporting.

The system’s applications include:

  • Critical national infrastructure (CNI)
  • Water and wastewater networks
  • Airports
  • Broadcast networks
  • Marine transportation

The SCOPE platform securely unifies people, control equipment and assets. It can be used in smaller plant installations, or for the management of entire organisations’ large SCADA networks.

The system includes configuration tools for Ovarro’s data loggers and remote telemetry units (RTUs), SCOPE also works alongside all our Stream Webscada applications, a central system and web portal for data acquisition, processing and reporting.

*Currently our SCOPE SCADA platform is only supported in the UK. 

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What is SCADA?

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) itself refers to control system architecture and comprises control equipment, like computers, communication protocols and graphical human machine interfaces (HMIs). Put simply, SCADA systems and SCADA software allow high-level supervision of machines and processes with the utmost security.

To this end, Ovarro’s SCOPE supervisory system can alert operators of problems in large or small SCADA networks, identity opportunities for operational improvement and, above all, keep workers safe.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
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Wide range of communications protocols and options

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24/7 UK based Support Services


Intelligent alarm system, equipped with alarm tracking capabilities


Highly scalable and flexible SCADA system


High levels of redundancy


Nexus - SCOPE telemetry database server

The SCOPE telemetry database server, providing monitoring for items of plant and remote data collection from outstations such as our range of remote telemetry units.

Intelligent alarm system, equipped with alarm tracking capabilities

  • Highly secure, based on industry standard authentication
  • Quicker, smarter, more informed decisions
  • Increase situational awareness

Highly scalable and flexible SCADA system

  • For use in any operation or environment
  • Wide ranging support of telemetry devices including WITS DNP3
  • Highly resilient and redundant capabilities allowing 24x7 CNI organisational control
  • Integration with business system

Currently only available in the UK


Extends the core SCOPE Alarm System

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Intuition extends the core SCOPE alarm system and provides advanced features to efficiently manage and track all reported alarms from inception to resolution.

High levels of redundancy

  • Unmatched reliability for critical systems

Control logic interface (IEC61131 based)

  • Modular, supervisory control
  • Gain visibility of your assets via an accessible logic interface

Currently only available in the UK


Prism - Graphical user interface

A comprehensive user interface capability, providing users with access into all the SCOPE products, along with the tools and utilities necessary to configure, maintain and operate the system.

Wide range of comms options

  • Easily integrates into any system
  • Able to be used for a multitude of applications

24x7 support services

  • Always available to support your needs

HTML5 client for mobile users

Integrated configuration management and version control

Enterprise SCADA capabilities

Currently only available in the UK


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