XiLogFlow offers lower-cost flow monitoring

XiLogFlow offers lower-cost flow monitoring

A new flow datalogger from Ovarro has been launched, offering cutting-edge monitoring technology at a lower cost.

XiLogFlow was developed in response to the customer's need for a low-cost flow monitoring product that is simple to install and use. The logger provides real-time flow insights from any pipe network – transmitting meter readings once-a-day. 

Features include a 10-year fit-and-forget battery lifetime, easy mounting for easy installation, and weather-proof design. Sites communicate with a server using the mobile network CAT-M1 with 2G fallback and can be easily integrated into other processes in the supply chain.

Ovarro’s Product Line Director Roy Gerding:  “We are excited to launch XiLogFlow, a cutting-edge yet simple-to-use solution that fills the gap for a lower-cost flow-logging option in our product portfolio.

“The logger works universally, supporting multiple communication networks, applications and measurements from large and small facilities, helping to drive better distribution profitability and customer service.”

All data collated by XiLogFlow is presented in LoggerVision, found within LeakHub on Ovarro’s analytics platform Atrium. LoggerVision uses visualisations and reports to provide insights via a dashboard. The data collected is accessible anytime, anywhere.

XiLogFlow features at a glance:

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple sensor inputs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reliability
  • Daily reporting
  • Embedded SIM
  • Intrusion and disconnect alarms

For more information,

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Roland Leslie, 

Ovarro UK director, answers questions about XiLogFlow:

What is the XiLogFlow? 

 XiLogFlow is a low-cost flow logger to collect water usage data. A plug-and-play solution, it has been designed to be simple to install and operate, with a long battery life.

What challenge is it solving?

It is aimed at the commercial flow logging market. While it can be used by water companies that wish to measure flow only, it is aimed at the wider commercial and industrial market, for customers wishing to gain a better understanding of how much water is being used at their premises. It will enable them to quickly identify potential problems, such as leaks, quickly and efficiently and by understanding their water usage over time, it may also help them identify opportunities to use water more efficiently, reduce their consumption and costs.

Where will it be installed?

The XiLogFlow will normally be installed at the point of the water companies’ revenue meter. It will collect data every 15 minutes and upload once per day to either a customer’s system or alternatively to our LoggerVision platform on Atrium which allows users to monitor their water usage. The device is fitted with an embedded SIM card allowing connection to multiple mobile networks as well as LTE-CATM1-IoT with 2G fall-back.

What benefits will it bring customers? 

It will enable all customers to identify trends in water usage and spot potential problems, such as leaks and excess usage. These insights should ultimately allow them to reduce their water usage and save costs.

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