Network Optimisation Consultancy

Network Optimisation Consultancy Services

Ovarro can provide Network Optimisation consultancy services for water utility companies looking to minimise any network outages and improve efficiencies.

Water Supply System Failure (Outage) Consequence Modelling

We have developed and applied a reliable and effective method for water authorities to quantify the consequences of asset failure.

Our Miser models the outage(s) and optimises operation of your supply system to minimise the impact on your customers. This method has been used extensively to date to assess security and accurately target improvements in a range of supply system sizes.

Miser can be used to evaluate many of your failure scenarios and automatically determines how best to operate in order to avoid customer consequences, with no need for manual intervention.

This approach can operate within a Monte Carlo framework, accounting for variations in time of failure, demands prevailing and so on. Using your information, we can quantify the security of supply and provide precise information on the benefits of your investment.

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Statistical Analysis Services, Data Mining and Analytics

We can offer water and wastewater companies many benefits through our “big data”, “data mining” and “analytics” approaches.

We combine our long experience with a pragmatic application of proven analytical techniques for you to:

  • Develop large integrated data sets by collating telemetry, GIS, jobs management and other corporate systems.
  • Develop robust statistical models from historical data that improve retrospective understanding.
  • Apply relationships observed in existing data to predict future outcomes and risks.
  • Simulate the impacts of potential interventions to optimise activity and hence realise financial benefits.
  • Support the use of appropriate analytics across a broad range of business objectives.
  • Process information in online environments to facilitate rapid responses.

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