Leakage innovation focus at Ovarro international gathering

Leakage innovation focus at Ovarro international gathering

An international network of water technology specialists has come together to discuss delivery of data-led leakage solutions to utilities around the world.

Ovarro, a provider of end-to-end monitoring and control services for the water sector, welcomed 70 delegates from 32 companies to its Global Partner Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on 1-2 February 2023.

The event was Ovarro’s first since the UK-headquartered technology company rebranded in 2020. It aimed to reconnect the company’s global team and partners, share business updates and new product information and present opportunities for growth. Invited delegates included representatives of the Authorised Ovarro Partners (AOP) programme, which connects technologies and partners in a global network. 


Ovarro’s chief executive David Frost said: “It was fantastic to be able to bring so many partners together to focus on how we can move forward together to create and deliver solutions that best meet our customers’ needs.

“The Authorised Ovarro Partners are key to our global market strategy. Aligning in this way will only strengthen our operations, helping us provide the best experience for our customers as they implement cutting-edge solutions for leakage reduction and network monitoring.”

During presentations, roundtable discussions and product demonstrations, delegates were reminded of the scale of the global leakage crisis and how Ovarro is creating industry-leading, sustainable and scalable solutions for the regions its partners serve.

Ovarro regional director Tom Cork said: “Investing in new technologies is the lifeblood of what we do. We were delighted to showcase our newest products and innovations, including our end-to-end leakage reduction service LeakNavigator, and our next generation, cloud-based monitoring solution, StreamWebscada.

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“We received an enthusasic response from partners, who were excited to add the new services to their portfolios, enabling their customers to use data more effectively to respond to today’s industry challenges.

“Our AOP companies are industry leaders and our partnership model has been created to ensure complete and aligned collaboration. Together, our network is perfectly placed to tackle the leakage crisis and have a real impact on water conservation efforts worldwide.”