Log4j Overview Related Software

Last Updated: 20 December 2021 11:07am

This page contains an overview of any related software regarding the Log4j vulnerability. On this page Ovarro will maintain a list of all known vulnerable and not vulnerable software. 


Vulnerable Software is vulnerable for reviewed CVE's.
Fix Software contains a fix for reviewed CVE's.
Workaround Software is vulnerable but mitigation steps are available.
Not vuln Software is NOT vulnerable for reviewed CVE's.
Investigation Software is under investigation whether it is vulnerable or not.


Reviewed CVE's


Product overview

Product Product Family Status
TBox LT2/TG2 TBOX Not vuln
TBox MS-CPU32-S2 TBOX Not vuln
TWinSoft TBOX Not vuln
TConnect TBOX Not vuln
MS-CPU42 TBOX Not vuln
TBox MS-CPU32 TBOX Not vuln
Kingfisher CP12 Kingfisher Not vuln
Kingfisher CP30 Kingfisher Not vuln
Kingfisher CP35/MC35 Kingfisher Not vuln
ToolBox Kingfisher Not vuln
ToolBoxPlus Kingfisher Not vuln
S2000  SEPROL Not vuln
S2000 Micro SEPROL Not vuln
S2000 Nano SEPROL Not vuln
S2000 Mk2 SEPROL Not vuln
S2000 Micro Mk2 SEPROL Not vuln
CA Tools SEPROL Not vuln
EDGE Connect EDGE (FourtyTwo)  Not vuln
EDGE Connect+ EDGE (FourtyTwo)    Not vuln
Atrium Analytics Not vuln
AlarmVision Analytics Not vuln
BurstDetect Analytics Not vuln
LeakVision/LeakInsight Analytics Not vuln
LoggerVision Analytics Not vuln
EnigmaWeb  Analytics Not vuln
PrimeWeb Analytics Not vuln
Pioneer Analytics Not vuln
Miser Analytics Not vuln
Flowsure Analytics Not vuln
XiLog4G/IOT Leak Detection Not vuln
XiLog+ Leak Detection Not vuln
Enigma3m/Phocus3m/Enigma4G/IOT   Leak Detection Not vuln
Enigma Leak Detection Not vuln
Phocus3 (IR & Radio) Leak Detection Not vuln
Eureka3 Leak Detection Not vuln
Eureka5 Leak Detection Not vuln
Mikron3 Leak Detection Not vuln
Mikron5  Leak Detection Not vuln
ControlPoint ControlPoint Not vuln
DSG Datawatt Not vuln
IOT-Connector Datawatt Not vuln
Stream Datawatt Not vuln
Other software packages (Adroit/DX-Server) Datawatt Not vuln


PLEASE NOTE: In some implementation cases, customer-requested applications which connect to the Ovarro systems may be vulnerable. Further assessment is ongoing. If you are affected we will contact you directly.