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Ovarro managed services delivering insight, improvement and expertise.

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Ovarro can provide expert driven, specialist services aimed to maximise the power of data to deliver efficiencies and improvements in the areas of leak identification and prevention.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ovarro are best placed to provide insight and expertise to support water companies in achieving their ambitions.

Leakage Solutions

It goes beyond being a mere product; it represents a fully managed end-to-end solution meticulously crafted to streamline your entire process. This fully managed service eliminates the need for substantial time and effort investment on your part. Allow us to handle the intricacies while you concentrate on what truly matters to your operations.

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Wastewater Solutions

Adapting to climate challenges and regulatory shifts, our water management solutions, including BurstDetect, PumpInsight, and BlockageDetect, harness cloud-based and AI-driven technologies for continuous service, optimal performance, and heightened security.


Our industry-leading system is now central to the management of pipelines in the water and gas industry. Find out more below how our tech services can assist with your pipeline management.

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