Oil & Gas

Discover how our trusted technology can support and monitor your critical Oil & Gas assets.

Connecting technologies to keep the world's energy resources moving

Ovarro and our network of trusted partners understand the pressures oil and gas companies face to maintain efficiencies, safety and operational uptime whilst reducing costs.

Our technology and our people have been providing monitoring & control and SCADA Telemetry solutions through our network of partners for more than 40 years.

Secure, robust and smart remote monitoring. Our technology operates in the harshest environments; communicating data to improve situational awareness across your critical assets. This technology allows your teams to make informed and efficient decisions in order to optimise performance and production, reduce downtime and maintain safety.



Our systems manage the flow of movement of oil and gas ensuring safety and maximising performance.

Applications Include
  • Monitoring of flow, pressure, process equipment, temperature
  • Natural gas flow measurement
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Explore our network management technology for FLOW MEASUREMENT
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Our technology can support the automation of your assets, improving operational efficiency.

Applications Include
  • Complete well site automation
  • Compressor and pump station automation
  • M&R station measurement and automation
  • Process automation
  • Flow automation and measurement
  • Communications gateway for chromatographs and flow computers
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Explore our network management AUTOMATION
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We provide secure remote telemetry and SCADA platforms designed to monitor your critical assets, allowing full visibility of any live issues.

Applications Include
  • Supply system and pressure monitoring
  • Cathodic protection monitoring systems
  • Regulator station monitoring and control
  • Optimisation and secondary recovery
  • Tank gauging
  • Peak shaving plant process control
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Explore our network management technology for MONITORING
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For more than 20 years, Ovarro has monitored the control system for the PTT Gas Transmission Pipeline. Quality, reliability, and good support are the key ingredients that ensures that customers trust them.
Wattana Chantaramaha
Project Consultant at Prompt Technical Services Limited
Our technology solutions for Oil & Gas are trusted across the globe. From monitoring the world's second largest gas distribution network for Beijing City Gas Group, to automating the gas distribution metering for Distrigas in Belgium. We connect technologies for better.
Our remote monitoring and control devices will continue to operate, no matter the harsh environment. Ovarro RTUs collect, store and transmit your critical data so that your business never has to worry about communications outages.
The strength of our relationships is built on integrity, our employees and network of partners understand the challenges that you face and how critical maintaining operational efficiency within the Oil & Gas industry can be.