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Ovarro's Managed Services Leakage Solutions offers unparalleled efficiency as your strategic partner, transcending conventional boundaries of products and services. Going beyond the ordinary, our innovative and reliable solutions are tailored to adapt seamlessly to your unique needs.

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End to end leak location services, minimising your input and maximising efficiency
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Welcome to Ovarro's Leakage Solutions and Managed Services Portfolio

Ovarro's Leakage Solutions portfolio serves as your strategic ally in enhancing efficiency. These offerings transcend conventional product and service boundaries, transforming into comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs, thereby establishing a new benchmark in water leak detection. Among our standout solutions is LeakNavigator, a flagship in the Leakage Solutions portfolio. It goes beyond being a mere product; it represents a fully managed end-to-end solution meticulously crafted to streamline your entire process. This fully managed service eliminates the need for substantial time and effort investment on your part. Allow us to handle the intricacies while you concentrate on what truly matters to your operations.

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Our end-to-end solution for locating water leaks will help you minimise input and maximise efficiency. LeakNavigator also saves you from wasting hours on analysis of leak information.

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