Discover our customised solutions for the remote monitoring and control of your power network.

Connecting technologies to power energy efficiencies

We understand that the diversification of the energy sector has created increased demand on a grid’s operational systems, driving the requirement for greater efficiencies in the collection and analysis of data.

Increasing in complexity, smarter solutions are required to achieve uninterrupted supply and maximise OPEX. At Ovarro, we can provide customised solutions from supporting the more traditional power sources with large interconnection points, to the renewable sectors managing a wider portfolio of assets with smaller demands and more complex communication networks.

Our smart RTU technology has the capacity for remote monitoring and autonomous control. Specifically designed to relay information to SCADA or the cloud, ensuring cyber security, our systems allow you to fully analyse any situation, making quick, informed decisions to ensure the continued operations of your network.

Not limited to the main power grid, facilities such hospitals, universities, airports and railway lines all have the same control and communications requirements where reliability and resilience to faults are key. Enabling operational efficiency and effectiveness, our innovative and proven technology provides you with a high degree of predictive maintenance capabilities.

We’re fully invested in the success of our customers and continue to innovate and evolve as the industry grows - supporting a sustainable future for communities around the world.


Our technology for Power

Ovarro ensures the security of your assets, maintaining the stability and reliability of the world’s valuable energy resources.

Applications Include
  • Monitoring and controlling electricity generation including Nuclear, Hydro, Coal, Gas, Wind, Tidal and Solar
  • Transmission line monitoring, weather conditions, line rating and fault monitoring
  • Substation control and monitoring
  • Transformer performance and conditions
  • Load monitoring and Protocol conversion
Suggested Technology
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Open Control has worked with Ovarro for more than 15 years. We have developed very strong working relationships over this time. Their technology is high quality, and they are always working on improving the range. When Open Control need support on projects, they always help us and provide the best solution for the customer. And very importantly, they answer every request promptly.
Roma Valenzuela H
Open Control, Chile
With much smaller interconnects than that of a large power plant, our RTU’s have been deployed to support 30MW solar power plants in France and on grid connected Solar Arrays in Australia, producing as little as 250kW.
In Asia, our RTU technology monitors diesel generator systems 24/7, providing emissions data to a central reporting system which can be accessed by the wider community through an Air Quality Index app on smart devices.
Kingfisher RTU’s are meeting the geographic challenges presented in Australia by monitoring and controlling railway facilities. They are also used for railway power track applications where they operate in environments from -40°C to +85°C, with up to 5,000V isolation on external connections.