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Tailor-made software solutions for processing and reporting data.

Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

Telemetry software from Ovarro

Introducing StreamWebscada

Stream is a modern web enabled SCADA platform which gives customers real-time insight to process information and the ability to control connected field equipment, such as RTU’s, PLC’s and IoT-devices. Due to its modern modular design, Stream is easy to connect to various foreign systems and has a fast response time.

With the real-time control module, assets in the field can be controlled based on actual energy market prices.

Suitable for managing and controlling different assets and geographically spread processes, telemetry systems are easy to use and offer 24/7 online process information. Stream ensures a worry-free management system and maintenance system, supported by all modern browsers and production systems.

Stream Webscada centralized automation system software
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Real-time data processing

The Stream platform has an integrated communication server which communicates with protocols such as IEC-104, OPC-UA and various traditional protocol. Ovarro has developed the Ovarro Message Bus, which enables auto commissioning between RTUs and Stream.

To connect to IoT-devices, Stream integrates with the IoT-connector platform, so low battery powered devices can be monitored and controlled through the same interfaces. 

Find out how you can get the most out of Stream webscada, Ovarro’s telemetry system, by contacting Ovarro today. You can also read our case studies to learn more about our telemetry systems in the field.


Features & Benefits At A Glance
Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

Cloud based solution, accessible via web browser

Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

Customisable design to suit your requirements

Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

Ability to connect to RTUs and data loggers

Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

OPC-UA supported

StreamWebscada Solutions
Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time


Telemetry software | Data processing | Real-time

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