Our solutions ensure you can continue the efficient monitoring of your transport networks, from air, rail, road and sea.


The world’s transport systems are vital in ensuring the smooth running of industry and the economy, providing critical connection networks that global citizens rely on every day.

As the focus on sustainability drives the increased use of public transport, pressure is being placed on already stretched networks. We understand the importance of maintaining the stability and reliability of all transportation networks and the issues it can cause when systems fail, heightened by the implementation of fines for cancelled trips.

At Ovarro, by connecting technology, we collect data to provide you with assured insights, driving situational awareness to allow your teams to make business-critical decisions, ensuring your assets operate safely and efficiently. Our RTU’s perform autonomous monitoring and control in real time improving operational efficiency, safety and security.

With proven results, our range of innovative, trusted and reliable products stand the test of time. Our technology can scale as your network grows; keeping things moving across the world.



We work with a number of aviation companies to ensure system integration with minimal disruption and downtime.

Applications Include
  • Facilities control
  • Baggage handling
  • Power distribution
  • Aerobridge control
  • Rain and stormwater management and harvesting systems
  • Runway lighting system monitoring
  • Traffic control remote system monitoring
  • Navigational beacons and array monitoring
  • Nationwide communication infrastructure monitoring and control
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We deliver solutions to the global rail industry, offering a wide range of innovative systems to support your bespoke requirements.

Applications Include
  • Power distribution monitoring and control
  • Remote signalling subsystems
  • Point and crossing monitoring
  • Track and station condition monitoring
  • Passenger information systems
  • Train/track location system monitoring and control
  • Point heating condition monitoring and control
  • Wayside monitoring
  • Driverless train early warning systems
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We connect technology to seamlessly integrate and support all road networks, unseen, anywhere in the world.

Applications Include
  • Commuter information systems
  • Pedestrian crossing lighting monitoring and alarming
  • Traffic light system monitoring and back up control
  • Street light monitoring
  • Tunnel lighting and ventilation monitoring
  • Congestion and traffic management systems
  • Pollution and environmental monitoring
  • Access and toll systems
  • Stormwater monitoring and control
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Sea & Maritime

Our technology manages the world's busiest shipping ports and our systems monitor lighthouses and navigational buoys remotely.

Applications Include
  • Lighthouse and navigation buoy monitoring and control
  • Navigation monitoring and control
  • Dockside and port monitoring and security
  • Crane and lifting equipment monitoring and control
  • Fuel storage monitoring and distribution control
  • Navigation buoy asset management
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Ovarro's solution carried extremely fast return on investment (ROI) for our rail network, thanks to significant savings in electricity and gas consumption.
We work hard to understand your business and are fully invested in your success. We manage the safety at one of the world's busiest airports, London Heathrow, using our SCOPE technology. Our upgraded system is fundamental to the efficient management of the Airport Operation Centre.
We support a major European Rail Network, where the extreme weather means that they have teams clearing snow and ice around the clock. By deploying our monitoring and control technology to perform automation of trackside heaters, the customer experienced cost-savings of 30%.
Our engineering teams continue to innovate and develop new products and services to better support your transportation needs. We are proud to have supported Trinity House to develop real-time visibility and control of the maritime navigational network.

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