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Discover why our TBox, Seprol, Kingfisher and Datawatt RTU technology is trusted by companies around the world to advance productivity, safety and security of their remote and critical assets

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The TBox range of RTUs provide a secure and powerful remote telemetry solution for remote automation and monitoring of critical assets.
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Kingfisher RTUs provide a data monitoring and control solution for the most demanding SCADA applications through to low-power data-logging challenges.
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Our Datawatt RTUs aim to deliver the best possible solution for monitoring and controlling geographical spread networks and processes.
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Our range of WITS-certified Seprol RTUs provide functions specific to the water and wastewater industry and offer a secure, reliable and cost-effective remote monitoring and control solution.
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Monitor and control your assets with remote telemetry units (RTUs)


What is an RTU?

Remote telemetry units (RTUs) are one part of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. These robust hardware units are strategically placed at the sites of managed assets, such as railway switching points or electricity distribution stations, where they excel in collecting, storing, analysing and even executing actions based on data.

RTUs are multitasking tools and can be considered the swiss army knife of remote telemetry monitoring. Operators have the flexibility to cherry-pick the variables they wish to monitor using RTUs and they can establish specific thresholds at which these units should trigger actions.

For instance, an RTU can be programmed to activate a heater when the temperature falls below a predefined threshold. This adaptability makes RTUs exceptionally versatile, as they can be tailored to suit a wide array of applications and environmental conditions.


The benefits of RTUs

RTUs offer a myriad of advantages that significantly enhance the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of various industrial processes and infrastructure management. Here are some key benefits:

Data collection and transmission: RTUs excel at collecting data and transmitting real-time findings from remote sites. This capability allows businesses to gain valuable insights into the performance of critical assets, helping them make informed decisions promptly. The continuous data acquisition system ensures that any anomalies or issues are detected and addressed in a timely manner.

Automation: RTUs act as autonomous decision-making tools. Operators can program RTUs to execute specific actions automatically when predefined conditions are met. For example, an RTU can initiate maintenance procedures, adjust equipment settings, or even shut down operations to prevent damage or hazards. This level of automation reduces the reliance on human intervention and minimises the risk of human errors.

Reduced downtime: By enabling rapid response to issues and automating preventive measures, RTUs play a pivotal role in reducing downtime. They help prevent critical failures, equipment breakdowns, and costly disruptions in industrial processes. This not only saves time but also preserves valuable resources.

Cost savings: The ability of RTUs to proactively manage assets and optimise processes leads to significant cost savings. By reducing the need for constant manual monitoring and intervention, businesses can lower labour costs and allocate resources more efficiently. Additionally, the prevention of catastrophic failures can save substantial repair and replacement expenses.

Enhanced safety: RTUs contribute to a safer work environment by actively monitoring and controlling potentially hazardous situations. They can trigger alarms and take corrective actions in real time, mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of both personnel and assets.

Remote accessibility: RTUs can be accessed and managed remotely, providing flexibility and convenience to operators. This feature is especially valuable for assets located in remote or challenging environments, as it eliminates the need for on-site visits and allows for immediate response to emerging issues.

Customisation: RTUs are highly configurable to suit specific applications and industries. Operators can tailor them to monitor variables and respond to conditions that are unique to their operations. This adaptability ensures that RTUs can effectively meet the diverse needs of different sectors.

Scalability: As businesses grow and their monitoring requirements evolve, RTU systems can be easily expanded and scaled up to accommodate additional assets and data points. This scalability makes them a long-term investment that can adapt to changing operational demands.

Improved decision-making: The wealth of data collected by RTUs empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions. By analysing historical and real-time data, businesses can identify trends, optimise processes and plan for the future more effectively.

Environmental benefits: RTUs can contribute to environmental sustainability by helping organisations optimise resource usage. For instance, they can control energy consumption based on demand, reducing waste and environmental impact.


In summary, RTUs are indispensable tools for modern industries seeking to optimise their operations, improve asset management, enhance safety, and reduce costs. Their ability to automate processes, collect and transmit data, and respond swiftly to changing conditions positions them as invaluable assets in various sectors, from utilities and transportation to manufacturing and infrastructure management.

In scenarios where critical issues arise, RTUs prove to be invaluable. They can swiftly address problems or even pre-emptively avert them, thus saving precious time, labour, and expensive repairs.


Ovarro monitoring and control devices

Ovarro stands as a trusted provider in the monitoring and control device field. Ovarro offers a diverse range of RTUs, including the TBox, Seprol, Kingfisher, and Datawatt, all of which have garnered the trust of customers worldwide for safeguarding and managing their valuable assets. These RTU ranges are endowed with unique features, ensuring that there is an ideal RTU solution to manage specific assets or applications, even in the most challenging and harsh environments.

Each RTU range has its own unique features, making it possible to find an RTU that’s perfectly suited to manage a particular asset or application — even in the most demanding or harsh environments.

Ovarro's range of RTUs further exemplifies the diversity and adaptability of these devices, catering to the unique needs of businesses around the globe.

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Ideal for Broadcast applications
Broadcast satellites


Our range of TBox RTUs offer great flexibility through connectivity to various SCADA and data platforms. This benefits companies that need to communicate with several different monitoring systems, across larger distances.

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Ideal for Oil & Gas Applications

Kingfisher RTUs

Kingfisher RTUs provide a highly resilient, powerful and secure modular automation platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications such as Oil & Gas.

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Ideal for Water and Energy Applications
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Datawatt RTUs

Datawatt RTUs offer a universally used and reliable solution that decentralises data storage to reduce energy usage and cut communication costs.

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Ideal for Water Applications

Seprol RTUs

Our range of WITS-certified Seprol RTUs provide functions specific to the water and wastewater industry and offer a secure, reliable and cost-effective remote monitoring and control solution.

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