Process Industry

Discover what Ovarro and our partners can do to create innovative, customised solutions for your specific needs.

Connecting technologies to drive industrial optimisation

Efficiency and safety are key within an industrial environment that has tight operational performance and financial objectives to meet.

We work hard to understand your business and the complexity of your operations to provide you with intelligent data which allows you to have full awareness of any live situation and as a result, confidently make business-critical decisions.

Our proven, trusted and reliable connected technology supports you in maximising your assets, giving you the information you need to react quickly and minimising downtime so that you can drive for profitability.

Ovarro has dedicated, experienced and friendly sales and technical support teams and a network of authorised partners to ensure you get a solution that is right for your specific requirements. 



Our proven, trusted and reliable connected technology enhances situational awareness by enabling data collection to deliver actionable insights to manage your critical assets and key business challenges.

Applications Include
  • Integration of wide-ranging assets into SCADA and BMS systems
  • Substation and power system automation
  • Standby generation
  • Building services
  • Security systems
  • IT asset integration and data centres
  • Gas and water supply usage
  • Total energy management
  • Bulk material storage
  • Refrigeration and HVAC
  • Mobile asset and machinery status and GPS location
  • Status and GPS location of high-value equipment on hire
  • M2M Gateway with cybersecurity to ‘Smart’ devices
  • Statutory requirements for effluent output and storage
  • Remote monitoring, alarms & control via SCADA, cloud systems, web access, smartphone, SMS or email
  • Customised calculations for specific requirements
  • Automatic report generation
  • Data acquisition and provision to high-level systems
  • Surveillance and security including IP cameras, and remote staff alerts
  • Intelligent lighting systems
Suggested Technology
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Globally renowned team
Udhaya Kumar
Director, Autrol Technologies Qatar
Integrating with Coronis System sensor products, we developed a reliable system for the wireless monitoring and recording of process data in energy, food and beverage, industrial and water supply applications.
Using TBox, we created a communications driver based on the Wavenis Ultra Low Power wireless solution, to ensure the precise and accurate delivery of data through connected technology.