Ovarro's Cloud-Based Platforms Unveiled at PAWD Convention

Smart platforms enabling faster leak detection

Using cloud-based platforms for more efficient leak detection will be the subject of an Ovarro presentation at the Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD) annual convention.

Channel manager Craig Abbott will highlight Ovarro cloud solutions that analyse network noise to provide actionable information for leakage reduction.

They include LeakInsight, a new cloud-based application that automatically assigns points of interest using data captured from correlating noise-loggers. Users benefit from a reduction in time spent analysing and assessing data, leading to a more efficient process.

Abbott said, “When it comes to leakage detection, there is a need for water utilities to work more efficiently and improve performance.

“Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, systems are becoming smarter. Correlating noise loggers, such as the Enigma3m and Enigma3hyQ, now monitor networks remotely and are capturing more data than ever before. A fixed network could have up to 50 measurement points, performing 2.5 thousand comparisons overnight.

“Previously, this data would be analysed in the morning by a technician who would establish which potential leaks should be investigated first. LeakInsight now completes that upfront data analysis for users, reducing the steps required to find a leak. This means technicians can spend less time analysing data and more time on the ground, finding leaks in precise locations, with high levels of confidence they will have success.”

Abbott’s presentation will also highlight a case study of a fixed network leakage project in Davao City, the Philippines.

Ovarro will be at booth 99, PAWD annual convention, 27-29 February 2024, alongside its partner in the Philippines, Eastasia Solutions Technologies Corporation. Craig Abbott will present at 10am on 29 February.

For more information http://pawd.org.ph/event/50