Kingfisher RTU's Entrusted with Billion Dollar Highways

For over 20 years, Kingfisher RTUs have been entrusted with the remote monitoring and control for the railway industry. Discover how our RTU technology can help you manage your rail network assets.

Oil & Gas Production facility
Beijing City Gas Group Trust The Kingfisher RTU
Beijing Gas Group is the largest urban gas enterprise in China. By the end of 2016, their natural gas pipeline network reached over 20,000 kilometres, supplying 18 billion cubic meters per annum to over 5.89 million customers.
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Implementation of an Automated System for Pump Control
To support their Integrated Water Supply Grid, which was designed and developed to improve resilience and security of supply in their region, Wessex Water recognised the need for a sophisticated control system.
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Leak Detection Engineer repairs major water pipe
Meeting the challenge for remote leak pinpointing
Discover how the Enigma3m remote leak noise logger helped reduce non water revenue loss in Malaysia thanks to its ability to pinpoint leaks.
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Providing Pipeline Control at Forty Below
PetroChina Pipeline Company Limited is a subsidiary of PetroChina Limited, primarily responsible for the operation, management, construction and scientific research of long-distance oil and gas pipelines.
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Tackling Water Loss With Bristol Water
Bristol Water team, working with RPS, were tasked with identifying the source of water loss in the Beverston area of Bristol. Read more and discover how Ovarro's technology supported them.
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TBox Helps Automate Gas Distribution Metering
For more than 75 years, Distrigas of Belgium has supplied natural gas to industries, resellers, and electricity producers. With its export base in Belgium, the company occupies a strategic position at the hub of Europe's gas networks.
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Remote water pipes
United Utilities Trunk Main Trial
United Utilities supplies water to 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses in North West England. Our challenge was to improve efficiency and reduce leakage across their network.
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Railway Station platform area
Control Switch Point Heaters For Swiss Railway
SBB, the Swiss national railway, is one of the most technically advanced rail systems in Europe and is the most heavily frequented rail network in the world; its service transports 441million passengers along its 3,030km network every year.
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TBox RTUs improve efficiency for Broadcast and Telecoms companies
Discover why TBox RTUs are chosen for broadcast and telecoms operators to monitor, control and automate their critical assets.
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Southwest Gas Field Digital Transformation
The PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company Chongqing Gas Mine is located in the jurisdiction of 8 natural gas production and gas transmission areas, with 277 industrial gas wells and a daily production capacity of 20 million cubic meters.
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TBOX Helping To Keep Railways Running
In cold climates, and during winter months, the build-up of ice and snow on rail track, switching points and signals can cause severe disruption and worse, accidents or derailment.
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Enhanced Supervisory Control For Trinity House
Ovarro worked with Trinity House, the General Lighthouse and Deep Sea Pilotage Authority, to develop and deliver an enhanced supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system enabling real-time visibility and control of the maritime navigational network.
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National Railway Company of Belgium
Created in 1926, the National Company of Belgian Railways (Infrabel) operates a 3,536km network throughout Belgium.
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Maintaining Safety At One Of The World's Busiest Airports
Ovarro is proud to have supplied and supported Heathrow Airport with their SCADA system for more than 20 years.
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Meteorological Monitoring System For The Met Office
The UK Met Office, a world leading provider of weather and climate services, currently operates a network of manual, automatic and semi-automatic meteorological observing sites at locations in the United Kingdom and overseas.
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Future Proofing The Environment Agency
The Environment Agency is a Government department that was established in 1996 to protect and improve the environment.
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