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The Challenge

Pressure management of the water distribution system in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was a slow and manual process. The system required loggers to report on system pressures daily and make manual adjustments to the valves. The managing organisation, SAWACO, was seeking a more modern approach.

The organisation required real time information on the water network’s pressures and improvements on remote monitoring and control of the valves, which was provided by an Ovarro solution.

The Solution

Phap Tri Technology, a provider of automation solutions and services and an Authorised Ovarro Partner (AOP) provided SAWACO with a SCADA solution based on Ovarro’s TBox LT2.

The TBox LT2 is a remote telemetry unit (RTU) and process controller. The RTU takes an input from a local pressure transmitter and adjusts the position of a control valve to maintain the pressure at a set level. An operator can provide the setpoint remotely and allow the TBox LT2, using the integrated PID function, to automatically regulate temperature, flow, pressure, speed and other process variables.

The TBox LT2’s RTU features allow SAWACO to perform remote overrides from its central control room, plus local logging of pressures and alarm reporting. Additional I/O can also be connected to monitor the valve status and report on abnormal conditions.

Water treatment TBox LT2
“Ho Chi Minh City’s population of nine million deserves a water system that operates with minimal disruption. With the TBox LT2 and technology from Ovarro, the water network is fit for the future.”
Ovarro Partner

Data from the TBox LT2 is reported back to SAWCO’s the central control room for the water network, where it is displayed on a Web-based SCADA system and overlayed on a city map. The reporting includes real time notifications of events and real-time access to system-wide pressure information.

Improved Maintenance 

Automatic control of pressure in the water distribution system has improved the overall management and maintenance requirements of the network. Automated valves allow SAWACO to direct staff away from this time consuming, manual task and assign them to more productive activities.

End users have also benefited from this increased capacity from maintenance staff. Response times have improved and there is less downtime on the system.

Water treatment LT2
Key Deliverables
  • Managing a higher volume of information
  • More efficient use of maintenance staff
  • Automatic local pressure control
  • Real-time notification of events
  • Real-time network pressure information