Implementation of an Automated System for Pump Control


To support their Integrated Water Supply Grid, which was designed and developed to improve resilience and security of supply in their region, Wessex Water recognised the need for a sophisticated control system.

Having full visibility of their network was key for Wessex Water. This meant being able to access data on recent flows and pressures, reservoir levels, pump status and availability and digital alarms. The business challenge was providing a system that the company was confident with and that met all of their operational needs.

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Ovarro's OptiMISER was identified as the best tool for this function; the pump optimisation system increases situational awareness, optimises operational efficiencies and minimises costs.

The optimisation results that it collects, as well as the current recent state of the network, can be monitored via a set of interactive web pages. This allows Control Room staff to make operational overrides, review and approve schedules or specify overrides to current and future operation.

This was perfect for the challenge presented by Wessex Water.


Ovarro's OptiMISER has been in use in Wessex Water's Control Room since 2014. Since then, it has been controlling pumps and valves across Warminster, England, ensuring proactive management across that part of the network.
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We are pleased to have been able to assist Wessex Water with their fundamental transition from local to optimal central control using the OptiMISER software.
Marcus Fowler
Technical Director, Ovarro

The system has been expanded by Wessex Water since the original Phase 1 implementation. As of Septemeber 2016, OptiMISER covered 18 sites. Wessex Water themselves are continuing to extend the area under control to incorporate their new Integrated Water Supply Grid.

Wessex Water has identified a range of benefits underpinning the success of the system. By allowing an holistic view of the supply network, OptiMISER has introduced profoundly different ways of controlling the water supply sources and network. As a result, security of supply and contingency planning have improved and confidence in the network's flexibility has increased.

  • Efficient management of assets
  • Optimal outage planning
  • Reduced call-outs out of hours
  • Cost savings made by avoiding periods of high energy tariff
  • Improved security of supply