Ovarro's TBox LT2 played a crucial role in Ashghal's swift implementation of a stormwater management system for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. With real-time monitoring and robust cybersecurity, the TBox LT2 ensured the system's efficiency across 70 key locations. The project's success paves the way for further collaboration.


The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) is in charge of the planning, design, procurement, construction, delivery and asset management of all infrastructure projects and public buildings for Qatar, the hosting country of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Ashghal was faced with the significant task of implementing a robust stormwater management system in less than two months within their established infrastructure. To meet the tight deadline, the Ashghal Drainage Networks Operation & Maintenance Centralised Control Section (DNOM CCS) team worked with an operation and maintenance (O&M) contractor in collaboration with Ovarro, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and remote monitoring solution provider.

The system's deployment covered 70 key locations, including the tournament’s eight cutting-edge stadiums and populous areas, to deliver a safe and vital infrastructure. Ovarro's TBox LT2 played a pivotal role, offering real-time monitoring with robust cybersecurity features and seamless integration. This successful collaboration showcases the power of innovative solutions within Ashghal’s infrastructure processes and operations.

Ovarro's TBox LT2 at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™
Ovarro's TBox LT2 RTU

Ovarro's TBox LT2 Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) supported Ashghal and the O&M contractor to implement a stormwater management system. The TBox LT2 provided real-time access and control of vital sensors across 70 strategic locations.

Ashghal aimed at improving visibility of its drainage assets, generating better trend reports and changing its manual-based system to a smart monitoring solution. This has immensely improved its ability to forecast and respond in real-time to current, ongoing and emerging scenarios — or any issues — within the system. The RTUs’ unparalleled cybersecurity features facilitated a secure data transfer to Drainage Network Management Center (DNMC). The TBox LT2's efficiency and reliability were instrumental in achieving project success, ensuring the stormwater management system was in full readiness for the tournament’s kick-off.


With its strong cybersecurity features and smooth integration, Ovarro's TBox LT2 guaranteed real-time monitoring and ensured the efficacy and efficiency of the system put in place.  The project's success paves the way for further collaboration.

Ovarro's TBox LT2 played a crucial role in Ashghal's swift implementation of a stormwater management
“Ovarro's TBox LT2 met our expectations, delivering unmatched cybersecurity and real-time monitoring capabilities. It supported our operations by providing insights into processes and asset operational status during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™."
Eng. Khalid Ahmad Al-Obaidli
Drainage Network Operations & Maintenance Manager, Ashghal

Despite the tight project timeline, the TBox LT2 was instrumental in the implementation and testing and monitoring phase. The RTUs’ real-time monitoring capabilities supported a comprehensive seamless operational infrastructure, including 3G/4G GSM Communication and integration with SCADA platforms for enhanced monitoring and control. The TBox LT2’s ease of installation was both cost and time efficient.

Operational benefits
  • Real-time access control of vital parameters (pressure, level, flow)
  • Enhanced stormwater monitoring across strategic locations
  • Robust cybersecurity features with data transfer from sites to Ashghal’s Drainage Network Management Centre (DNMC)
  • Efficient installation process meeting stringent project timelines