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IoT Connector

The Internet of Things (IoT) connector is developed to make data available from sensors in the network. The problem with “making data available” is that data “has to go somewhere”, providing the opportunity for the IoT-connector.

This solution ensures that all data from sensors are integrated in one telemetry system. The IoT-connector supports as the interface between the sensors and the central software of your organization.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
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Different sensors, one interface


Open, transparent and reliable solutions


Independent network using Sigfox, NB-IoT or LTE-M


With a modular and open design, the IoT-connector is able to communicate from the first signal on location to the host software. Built with over forty years of experience in M2M communication and data acquisition, the IoT-connector is the ideal solution to “make data available”.

The implementation of IoT-applications requires knowledge of technology and data. The use of innovative technologies ensures smart and sustainable solutions in the process. Datawatt is able to develop these sort of sustainable solutions.


Our unique IoT connector offers modularity, openness and plug-in use to support your application. In addition, the IoT- connector provides a number of extra services to enable communication from a reliable solution to the customer’s specific processing of data. 


The IoT connector receives measurements and data from a variety of sensors or equipment adapting to the various communication networks from different providers to transport the data. All data is accessed through a plug-in system and sent to the central system. This data is sent by one interface, for example via IEC104, SQL, CSV or Osisoft PI.


The open approach of this solution makes it ideal to suit the requirements of the industry. As one of the first companies to use open protocols through to providing software, we are confident in delivering a solution you can trust with open, transparent, reliable and flexible solutions.


The IoT connector is part of our IoT total solutions policy, integrating IoT into our hardware or sensors. Through years of expertise, we are able to handle all types of sensors and hardware that are present in the network.

The IoT connector takes care of the data acquisition from the location and transfers is to the central system. Through a simple plug-in and open solution, all measurement data is sent from the locations to your own scada or data collection system.


Our IoT solution is network independent. Either Sigfox and NB-IoT or LTE-M networks from various providers can be used to send the data.

Unsure about which provider or network? We are happy to help to select the best solution for your application. With a network of IoT providers, we are cofident we have the right solution. 

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