Seprol S2000 Micro

WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit with optional integrated pump controller.

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WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit


The S2000 Micro WITS and Native DNP3 based intelligent RTU with optional integrated pump controller functionality enables accurate monitoring and control for everyday automation applications when cost and reliability are paramount.

Only available in the UK

Features & Benefits At A Glance

Small footprint


Built in configuration and application programme


Integrated feature-rich pump controller

WITS Certified

The S2000 Micro is a fully WITS (Water Industry Telemetry Standards) compliant device proving its  interoperability with other WITS-approved master stations and field devices.

WITS certification ensures the device has:

  • A single protocol to support multiple vendors
  • Secure authentication between RTUs and master station
  • A common configuration and application programme
  • Flexible configuration options

Only available in the UK

Seprol S2000 Micro
Configuration and user interface

The built-in IsaGraf IEC1131-3 configuration and application tool means that Seprol devices can be configured using a PC or laptop. All the RTU’s features, inputs and outputs can be managed through any web browser using the embedded web server and the intelligent user interface.

Pump controller

The S2000 Micro is available with an integrated feature-rich pump controller application, which makes each unit capable of controlling three or two fixed or variable speed pumps respectively. The pump controller application allows you to perform a wide range of wastewater functions, including level control and monitoring, periodic cleansing, burst and blockage detection and remote resets, plus much more. The clean water pump controller enables reservoir, pressure, flow and timed control of the pumps.

Image of a dam
Seprol S2000Micro with dimensions
Compact footprint

The Seprol S2000 Micro’s small footprint enables it to be used in restricted spaces without  compromising on processing power or functionality.

The S2000 Micro measures just 182mm (W) x 114.5mm (H) x 69mm (D).

Cabinet Outstation Management

Ovarro can now provide ready-made cabinet builds for your Seprol S2000 and S2000 Micro RTUs.

Features and benefits include: ease of use cabinet design, ready-fitted RTU and power supply, increased RTU roll-out speed, multiple build types available and more.

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Seprol S2000Miro RTU in cabinet

Inputs and Outputs

Maximum I/O points

16 X Digital Input, 4 x Digital Output, 4 x Analogue Input

Removable I/O connectors


Analogue Inputs

Type of input

-20mA to +20mA or -5V to +5V


20 bits


0.1% (voltage), 0.15% (current)

Sensor supply output

24V DC

Sampling Period

1 second to 1 day

Digital Inputs

Type of input

Volt free contacts

Contact wetting voltage

24V DC nominal

Sampling Period

1ms to 1 day

Digital Outputs

Type of Output

Solid state relay (Photo MOSFET)

Maximum Switching Voltage

48V AC / +-48V DC

Maximum Switching Current

200mA DC

On Resistance (Typical)

1 Ohms

On Resistance (Maximum)

10 Ohms

Processor Unit


Kinetis K60 (ARM Cortex M4) 96MHz


8MB Flash


4MB or 8MB SRAM + 512KB FRAM +, 128KB CPU SRAM


4MB or 8MB SRAM + 512KB FRAM +, 128KB CPU SRAM

Memory (SD Card)

Up to 32GB

Real-time clock


Event logging

WITS Log - 32,638 entries (FRAM Log) OR 114,684 entries (SRAM Log) (4MB SRAM), @32,764 Dataset events (WITS) or @76,450 standard DNP point events (4MB SRAM)

Event logging

@32,764 Dataset events (WITS) or @76,450 standard DNP point events (4MB SRAM)


Option Card

GPRS 2G/LTE 4G, GPRS 2G/LTE CAT-M1, PSTN V92, Ethernet, RS232, RS485

Built in

Ethernet, USB


WITS DNPS 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, Web Server (HTTP), FTP, Telenet, DNP3 Slave, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, AB DF1 Master, Mitsubishi A1S Master, Omron Hostlink Master, Ethernet/IP Master


Local (PC/Laptop)

Yes using CATool

Remote via network

Yes via WITS DNP3

Programming Languages

Isagraf IEC61131-3 Sequential Function Chart, Function Block, Ladder, Structured Text, Instruction List


AC supply

90 - 265V AC

DC supply

10 - 15V DC

Solar supply

Can be powered by any PSU 10-15V DC

Power down modes

Full Sleep, Snooze with IO monitoring

Battery back up


Battery size

12V Lead Acid


Working temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage temperature

-20°C to +85°C

Relative Humidity

5 to 95% RH @ 25-40°C (non-condensing)








Weight with internal PSU



Mounting Options

Backplate, DIN Rail, Enclosure options


Local watchdog timer

Yes - Web page

Configuration display

Web page

I/O Status

Web page


Web page

Communications analyser

Web page


EEN 55016-2-3:2006

Radiated emissions (limits as defined in EN61000-6-3-2007)

EN 55016-2-1:2004

Conducted emissions (limits as defined in EN61000-6-3-2007)

EN 61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009+A2:2009

Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current @ 16A per phase)

EN 61000-3-3:2008

Limitation of voltage fluctuation and flicker in low-voltage supply systems for equipment with rated current @ 16A.

EN 61000-4-2:1995

Electrostatic discharge immunity test.

EN 61000-4-3:2002+A1+A2

Radiated radio frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test.

EN 61000-4-4:2004

Electrical fast transient / burst immunity test.

EN 61000-4-5:1995

Surge immunity test

EN 61000-4-6:2009

Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields

EN 61000-4-11:2004

Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation tests

EN 61000-4-8:1993+A1:2001

Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation tests

BS EN 61010-1: 2010

Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control & Laboratory Use.

BS EN 60950-1: 2006

Safety Requirements for Information Technology Equipment
S2000 Micro Technical Specification
Seprol Cabinet Specification

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