Our Datawatt RTUs aim to deliver the best possible solution for monitoring and controlling geographically spread networks and processes.


Optimum security

Reliable, professional, flexible

Datawatt RTUs offer a universally used and reliable solution that decentralises data storage to reduce energy usage and cut communication costs. Our devices can be found on several infrastructural networks, such as drinking water pipelines, oil platforms, water sewage stations and networks within the utility industry.

Our products have many features that optimise our equipment for remote operation, making Datawatt RTUs perfect for large networks over a long distance. 



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Features & Benefits At A Glance

Cost-saving solutions

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Integrated network applications

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IEC Protocol Specialist

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Smart Grid Application

Datawatt Solutions
DSG Series

The new, secure hardware platform

 The latest state of the art techniques and security requirements.

  • Designed for maximum security
  • Multiple protocols available
  • Flexible design
  • LTE/4G Communication
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Wireless data logger

D26 Series RTU

Energy efficient data logger

  • Battery-powered logging
  • Multi-purpose data logger
  • Large memory storage
  • Waterproof housing (option)
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Internet of Things Series

The IoT logger sends data quickly and securely to a central system with low energy consumption.

  • Measurements synced each minute
  • Real time localization and notification of leakage (based on pressure)
  • Data sent at variable intervals
  • Up to 10+ years battery life using IoT connectivity
IoT Series RTU

IOT-AMR Solution For Water Distribution Network

Read Case Study
IoT Series RTU

Electricity In Case Of Emergency - Automating the backup power grid at one of the Netherlands’ biggest hospitals

Read Case Study
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