Empowering proactive maintenance strategies, mitigating pollution events, and ensuring operational excellence through real-time pump monitoring and predictive insights.

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AI-Driven Pump Monitoring

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Efficient pump operation is crucial for optimal performance in pumping stations. Typically equipped with two pumps, one for regular operation and another for redundancy, proactive maintenance is emphasized for cost-effectiveness. Industry data shows that a significant portion of pump replacements, approximately 80%, occur urgently, underscoring the necessity to transition towards proactive maintenance strategies. PumpInsight presents a hardware-free solution, monitoring pump efficiency changes over time and allowing utilities to track performance trends through performance curves. This approach enables utilities to make informed decisions, refine maintenance strategies, and improve operational efficiency while minimizing costs.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

AI-Driven Pump Performance


Environmental Risk Reduction


Data-Powered Pump Management


Cost Effective Efficiency

AI Driven Pump Performance

With PumpInsight's advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, predictive maintenance becomes a reality. By rapidly analyzing data anomalies, it shifts maintenance teams from reactive to proactive approaches, optimizing resource allocation and reducing downtime. PumpInsight's adaptive learning ensures continuous refinement, staying ahead of potential problems and minimizing operational risks. Unlock unprecedented performance insights and future-driven innovation with PumpInsight.

Environmental Risk Reduction

By enabling proactive maintenance strategies, PumpInsight significantly reduces the risk of unplanned pump failures and associated environmental pollution incidents. This proactive approach not only helps utilities avoid potential pollution penalties but also contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment. With PumpInsight, utilities can confidently demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship while meeting regulatory requirements and fulfilling sustainability objectives. By leveraging PumpInsight, utilities can effectively mitigate environmental risks, minimize their ecological footprint, and pave the way towards a greener future.

Data Powered Pump Management

Harness the power of existing data with PumpInsight to revolutionize your maintenance scheduling. Our sophisticated analysis allows utilities to trend and evaluate pump conditions over time, enabling proactive risk identification and prioritization. With PumpInsight, utilities can efficiently allocate resources, reducing both costs and operational disruptions. Say goodbye to reactive maintenance and embrace proactive risk mitigation with PumpInsight.

Cost Effective Efficiency

Utilizing existing data for non-invasive monitoring, PumpInsight identifies potential issues early on, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and emergency repairs. This results in enhanced operational efficiency and significant cost savings for your utility.

  • Cost-effective pump management solution
  • Prioritizes proactive maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Rapid deployment without additional hardware
  • Compatible with most setups
  • Utilizes existing data for non-invasive monitoring
  • Reduces risk of unexpected failures and emergency repairs
  • Enhances operational efficiency and achieves cost savings


Accessed via the Ovarro Atrium platform.

Overview Dashboard

Provides a rapid view of the status of recent alerts as well as the system as a whole allowing organisations to trend and evaluate the condition of their pumps over time.

PumpInsight trend algorithms

Over time, PumpInsight learns what is normal for each pumping station and rising main, improving the quality of data insight for pump degradation.

Communication alerts

PumpInsight provides real-time monitoring of pump quality, allowing organizations to receive timely communication alerts when the degradation rate is trended over time.

Support help desk

Ovarro helpdesk and support.

Online and video training

Dynamic content to support with understanding PumpInsight and how it can help your organisation.

Regular updates

Automatically updated as new features are added.

Customer database connection

Our implementation team will help set up a secure data connection from your monitoring systems.
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