Streamlined mass deployment and active leak detection with automated analytics for the greatest NRW level reduction


Active Leak Detection at its Best


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EnigmaREACH is an all-in-one solution for precision in active leak detection, bringing together Ovarro’s industry-leading tools in one comprehensive package.

Combining either 32 or 64 Enigma loggers, a tablet, a single app for logger deployment, retrieval and follow-up and access to Atrium analytics platform, EnigmaREACH enables mass logger deployment and expanded network coverage, automatically identifying points of interest using advanced correlation techniques.

As Ovarro’s latest innovation in water management, EnigmaREACH sets a new standard for quality and performance by delivering enhanced network monitoring, with flexibility to react swiftly to breakout events.

The managed solution was developed collaboratively with Ovarro’s water company customers, to directly support leakage reduction strategies.

By merging the skills and product capabilities of Ovarro’s hardware and software teams, we have created the ultimate smart solution for fast and cost-effective leak detection.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

Comprehensive All-in-One Kit


Operational Expense (OPEX) Savings


Optimized Network Coverage


Rapid Breakout Response

Comprehensive all-in-one kit

EnigmaREACH offers more than just leakage equipment - it is a complete toolkit for end-to-end leak detection. Designed to empower top-tier leakage professionals, it offers access to Ovarro’s advanced tools and data platforms. Through an intuitive 24/7 user interface, the system automatically performs correlations and identifies points-of-interest, which can be allocated to field technicians, saving time and resources.  Covering a wider area with fewer loggers, EnigmaREACH goes beyond traditional standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence.

Operational Expense (OPEX) Savings

By automating critical processes, EnigmaREACH brings significant operational expense (OPEX) savings.

  • Advanced correlation accurately pinpoint points-of-interest
  • Automated analytics streamline field technician tasks, ensuring efficient operations while minimizing expenses.
  • Easy to interpret data at users’ fingertips.

The strategic targeting of a skilled workforce enables experts to concentrate on what they do best - optimizing leakage reduction efforts for maximum impact.

Optimized Network Coverage

The EnigmaREACH user-friendly companion app ensures seamless access to network data and insights, providing a clear overview for efficient monitoring and management. Strategic logger placement, retrieval and follow-up processes is made possible using precise GPS deployment, to deliver optimized network coverage.

Rapid Response to breakout events

In the event of a leakage breakout, such as those triggered by freezing weather or drought, EnigmaREACH can be deployed over a large area to pinpoint bursts quickly, cut water loss and reduce customer impact.

Implementing EnigmaREACH on specific network segments becomes a straightforward task, allowing your team to address critical areas, optimizing their efforts for a rapid and targeted response.

Unlock efficiency, precision and proactive leak detection with EnigmaREACH.

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