Enigma 3hyQ

A correlating acoustic leak logger for pinpointing leaks remotely across the whole network.


accurate remote leak location


A correlating acoustic leak logger for pinpointing leaks remotely in plastic and metal pipes, in large diameter pipes and over long distances, installed as part of a network of loggers either permanently or as "lift and shift".
Features & Benefits At A Glance
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Highly sensitive hydrophone sensor

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Can cover the whole network regardless of pipe material or diameter


Long distance between fittings means fewer loggers deployed, so reducing costs


Innovative correlation analytics

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Enables water companies to meet regulatory targets

Correlation analytics

Leak noise signals are transmitted accurately to the cloud analytics platform, PrimeWeb. Just 0.1 second fluctuation in the time synchronisation of two sound samples can cause 100m error in the location. To calculate accurately the location of the leak, synchronising acoustic sample signals is critical to pinpointing the position of the leak. Ovarro uses its original patented technique to ensure signals are synchronised and leaks are located with very high accuracy.
British patent number 2555053.

Enigma3HYQ accurate leak detection technology
Enigma3HYQ has an advanced Antenna for accurate leak detection
Antenna below ground

The antenna transmits the acoustic signals from the logger coupled to the pipe below ground. Being underground means no planning permission is needed to install transmitters or repeaters, and vulnerable hardware is protected from damage or theft, which can occur on the street.

Hydrophone sensor

The highly sensitive hydrophone sensor in the Enigma3hyQ was developed by the US Navy. This sensor, whether integrated into the body of the logger or separate, is inserted directly into the pipe, and detects leaks which other leak detection techniques miss. A network of Enigma3hyQs can cover the whole network, because they can detect leaks in plastic, as well as metal pipes, and in large diameter pipes. Such is its sensitivity, this logger can detect leaks over long distances, so reducing the number of loggers deployed. 

Enigma3HYQ Hydrophone Sensor
Atrium cloud data analytics dashboard
Data platform

The Enigma3hyQ is supported by the Ovarro data platform, PrimeWeb. This provides a database, analysis and online viewing facility for remote leaks in the network, as well as for flow and pressure. It is accessible on any desktop or laptop and displays live and historical data. Indicating accurate leak positions, together with ‘street view’ visualisation of the leak position, helps leakage teams manage their networks.

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Frequency range

1 – 1250 Hz


1” BSP or NPT connection

Sampling Measurement period

One epoch per night + up to 7 epochs multi-day correlation



Data memory

8Mb static RAM

Local Communiocations Type



0.5 metre


Via Communications Module

3G / GPRS Communications SIM type

Embedded roaming SIM

Transmission frequency (audio+data)

Once per day


Penta band

Battery Type

Lithium Thionyl Chloride (non-rechargeable)

Operating life

5 years (dependant upon GSM signal strength and retries)

Waterproof rating

Robust aluminium enclosure to IP68 (submersible to 1 metre)

Operating temperature range

-20°C to 70°C

Dimensions (without antenna)

123mm x 58mm diameter (not including Enigma3hyQ sensor)


481 gram (not including Enigma3hyQ sensor)

Data storage

WAV files stored in Atrium Cloud


Atrium operating on an internet browser (Chrome recommended)
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Ovarro Enigma3hyQ Anglian Water Leakage Management

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