Cutting-edge flow monitoring, delivering flow insights at low cost in multiple applications.


Delivering cutting-edge network flow monitoring

The XiLogFlow data logger functions as a versatile tool for flow monitoring on multiple applications, providing comprehensive supervision of flow infrastructure and delivers critical data about flow systems. With its sturdy design and a range of monitoring applications, the XiLogFlow is a valuable enhancement to current systems, promoting smoother operations and proactive maintenance.

It seamlessly integrates with existing configurations, enhancing overall efficiency. XiLogFlow comes equipped with LTE CAT-M1/2G fall-back. It offers full integration into Ovarro's Atrium data analytics platform via LoggerVision and utilises the XiLogFlow web App for easy logger deployment. The user-friendly web App minimizes resource requirements and increases ease of setup.

The XiLogFlow also features real-time intrusion and disconnect alerting features, serving as an early warning system to improve predictive maintenance and minimize downtime. This cutting-edge flow monitoring data logger delivers  flow insights at a low cost in multiple applications.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

User Friendly Data Presentation

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CAT-M1 /2G Fall-back IoT (Cat-M1)

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Plug and play easy installation


10-year battery

Easy Installation and Mounting

Designed with precision, our product features a clip-in IP68 Remote Ready cable, ensuring a secure and watertight connection for robust performance. No compromises, just reliability.

Scan the QR code on the logger and then follow our step by step guide on the XiLogFlow app to confirm receipt of data on the server. Built-in LEDs offer a visual confirmation of sucessful installation.

  • Effortless setup
  • On-site set up verification

Benefit from dedicated technical support backed by decades of experience. XiLogFlow – Effortless Flow Monitoring, Expert Support.

Robust and Reliable

XiLogFlow is equipped with a 10-year fit-and-forget battery, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance. Rest assured with a 2-year warranty as standard for added peace of mind. The device boasts a rugged, sealed, all-weather construction, ensuring durability and performance in diverse environmental conditions.

XiLogFlow is the optimal solution for fluid flow monitoring, with its IP68 rating for exceptional dust and water resistance. The ability to withstand continuous water immersion, XiLogFlow ensures reliable and precise performance in challenging environmental conditions. Choose XiLogFlow for dependable fluid flow monitoring in diverse applications.


Data Presentation

Simplify deployment with XiLogFlow's user-friendly app interface, the web App is easy to access on any mobile device. This cost-effective solution, featuring a plug and play design, ensures a straightforward deployment process, delivering efficient and customized flow monitoring for facilities of all sizes without compromising on quality.

The flow data is displayed in LoggerVision. It provides insight via a dashboard of the network all on one platform. The data collected is accessible anytime, anywhere. Users have access to the following tools to generate greater insight.

• Use of interactive Map-based interface
• Group dashboards for quick status overview
• Interactive charts of logged data
• Easily allocate loggers to user sub accounts
• Alarm notifications to alert users on, tamper and battery status.

Multiple Application Possibilities

Commercial Sub-metering:

  • Tenant Billing: Accurate measurement for individual tenant water usage in commercial buildings.
  • Leak Detection: Continuous monitoring to identify unusual patterns or leaks, preventing water damage.

Domestic Water Monitoring:

  • Residential Water Usage Analysis: Monitoring and optimizing water consumption in homes.
  • Smart Home Integration: Provide flow insights for residents to make informed decisions about water usage.

Agricultural Water Management:

  • Irrigation Monitoring: Integrating XiLogFlow dataloggers into irrigation systems for efficient water use in agriculture.
  • Livestock Watering Systems: Monitoring water usage to ensure consistent supply for livestock.

Remove the worry from all these processes with XiLogFlow data loggers.


Transmission Options

LTE CAT-M1/2G Fall-back


Internal Antenna

Transmission Frequency

Once per Day

SIM Type

Embedded Roaming SIM


Data Types

15 Minute Flow Rates

Logging Mode


Min Pulse Width

10 Milliseconds


Internal Battery

19 Ah

Battery Chemistry


Battery Life

10 Years based on 15 min data sending once per day with adequate signal conditions


Operating Temperature

-30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)

Maximum Humidity


Ingress Protection

IP68 (Tested to 4 meters, 4 weeks, case fully potted)



120mm x 80mm x 50mm (4.72” x 3.15” x 1.97")


Approx. 301 grams

Material Body

Plastic, resistant to both UV and impact
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