Revolutionizing wastewater management with proactive solutions for rising main blockages, BlockageDetect is part of our comprehensive wastewater solutions portfolio.


Proactive Identification of Blockages

AI Driven | Proactive | Efficient

BlockageDetect is an advanced AI-driven, cloud-based software platform designed to address the challenge of sewer network blockages and revolutionize wastewater management.

Leveraging existing pumping station datasets, BlockageDetect provides comprehensive network performance profiles and swiftly identifies anomalies, offering actionable insights into the status of wastewater systems. This analysis enables early detection of rising main sewer blockages to prevent pollution events, support proactive maintenance and protect the environment. Deployable as a unified product with PumpInsight and BurstDetect, the platform can be tailored to company-specific operational needs.

Features & Benefits At A Glance

AI-driven adaptive learning


Scalable and cost effective

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Seamless deployment

Cost effective Solution

BlockageDetect alerts users to rising main sewer blockages early, so action can be taken to prevent a pollution incident occurring, reducing the risk of environmental impact and associated clean-up costs and penalties.

The platform does not require additional hardware installation,

  • Proactive detection
  • No additional hardware or maintenance
  • Streamlined operations
  • Early prevention and asset protection
  • Ability to schedule maintenance
  • No shutdown time
  • Financial penalty avoidance
  • Reputation management
Waste Water Solutions
Waste Water Solutions
AI-Driven Adaptive Learning

BlockageDetect features a self-learning capability driven by machine learning, ensuring continuous improvement and swift data processing. This functionality enhances system efficiency and enables adaptation to diverse network types and configurations. Versatile and adaptable, BlockageDetect can be integrated into various network setups.

Found within the Ovarro Atrium platform, BlockageDetect’s dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of system status, historical events and site locations. This feature enables informed decision-making and proactive management of incident notifications, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

Seamless Deployment

Seamless implementation with BlockageDetect's non-invasive software, means zero downtime and no need for hardware installation or network shutdowns. This streamlined approach ensures swift deployment without disruptions to operations.


Waste Water Solutions
Waste Water Solutions
Scalable Solution

By analyzing estimated pump inflows and correlating them with pump activity, BlockageDetect prioritizes anomalies indicative of upstream pipeline blockages. This proactive monitoring enhances oversight and enables the provision of comprehensive network performance profiles.

BlockageDetect offers flexible coverage for large or small-scale wastewater networks, for deployment across an extensive range of models and brands in either ageing or new network setups. The platform ensures comprehensive monitoring and detection capabilities without compromising on effectiveness, providing unmatched value for your investment.


Accessed via the Ovarro Atrium platform.

Overview dashboard

Provides a rapid view of the status of recent alerts as well as the system as a whole.

Blockage detection algorithms

Over time, BlockageDetect learns what is normal for each pumping station and rising main, improving the quality of blockage detection.

Communication alerts

Rapid incident notifications ensure you are informed and able to make decisions to swiftly manage and prevent pollution events.

Support helpdesk

Ovarro helpdesk and support.

Online and video training

Dynamic content to support with understanding BlockageDetect and how it can help your organisation.

Regular updates

Automatically updated as new features are added.

Customer database connection

Our implementation team will help set up a secure data connection from your monitoring systems.
BlockageDetect Specification Sheet
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