Electrofusion (Data Capture)

Helping contractors to comply with industry standards by easily capturing essential data.

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Our specifically developed mobile applications help contractors to comply with industry standards, by easily capturing essential data of their preparative jointing work such as photographs, asset traceability data and GPS location data.

We have a range of mobile applications developed specifically in-house to capture data on-site at the point of installation. Our data capture products can be used to record electrofusion and butt fusion data, which is then stored on, and can be analysed using, our online database – JointManager.

Integrated equipment

Our BlueBox application links seamlessly with site equipment to deliver increased control of data input and export from on site.

Project references

Project references can be scanned / pushed into apps to ensure all data is correctly labelled.

Materials & traceability

Use our SmartScan to ensure the right specification of materials are being used for the right job, and record individual component level traceability information for each asset (invaluable for long term mapping purposes).


Integrated GPS technology to keep track of the location of every component of every asset.

ERP / GIS information

Drive data to site from your back-office systems and ensure that all site data is then automatically fed back into your mapping system.

Operator training permissions

Links to training databases can be used to ensure that only operators with valid and appropriate permissions can weld.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
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Help contractors comply with industry standards


Integrated GPS technology.

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Accurate materials and traceability using SmartScan.

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