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Water is an essential life source and providing a system of safe and sustainable water management is critical in the fight against climate change.

Ovarro technology has been designed to enhance situational awareness by enabling data collection, connecting technologies to provide you with trusted insights to make business-critical decisions. Our products integrate seamlessly with your assets to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, supporting you in your goal to reduce leakage and pollution incidents.

We understand that the pressure on water authorities around the world to drastically reduce leakage has never been greater and we are committed to providing reliable and robust solutions to reduce asset replacement frequency, allowing you to reduce your CAPEX. Our teams will collaborate with you to support your strategic development and build a sustainable future for industries and communities around the world.



Discover the range of technology Ovarro can provide to water and wastewater authorities to help you overcome your challenges and improve the operational efficiency of your water and wastewater networks.

Applications Include
  • District Meter Areas (DMA)
  • Network modelling
  • Pressure surveys
  • Reservoir and borehole depth
  • Consumer flow monitoring
  • Combined sewer overflows (CSO)
  • Open-channel flow
  • Monitoring pump operation
  • Level measurements
  • Rainfall
Suggested Technology
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Explore our network management technology for WATER NETWORK MANAGEMENT
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Essential for the effective management of drinking water supplies, our flow metering solutions are based upon electromagnetic insertion and ultrasonic flow technologies.

Applications Include
  • DMA and zonal metering
  • Flow surveys
  • Existing meter verification
  • Trunk main surveys
  • Step testing
Suggested Technology
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Explore our network management CONTROL OF WATER FLOW
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Our ground-breaking technology, with upwards of 80% conversion rate, provides reliable, rapid identification of leaks by monitoring flow and acoustic noise. Our range of loggers are designed for local and remote leak detection, helping to put an end to Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss.

Applications Include
  • Locating and logging leaks remotely and on-site
  • Confirming leaks on-site
  • Step testing
Suggested Technology
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Explore our network management technology for LEAK DETECTION
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One of the biggest challenges across the water industry is the ability to detect leaks effectively on plastic pipes as they don’t transmit noise when they leak. Critically, unlike more widely used methods, this new technology can be used on plastic pipes, which make up 60 % of our waters mains. It will revolutionise what we do in terms of leakage.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith, Regional Optimisation Manager, Anglian Water
We have supported water companies across the world with our industry-leading technology. From protecting approximately 5 million people with flood risk telemetry systems for The Environment Agency – to delivering Malaysia’s largest water network support system.
We work collaboratively with our clients, creating turnkey solutions for specific needs. Our technology is reliable and robust and we work closely with your engineers to ensure project rollout is as quick and easy as possible.
The strength and length of our client relationships are a testament to our way of working. The fact that we've been working with clients such as Wessex Water for over 30 years is a source of great pride for everyone at Ovarro.