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Connecting water technologies for a true smart network
Drinking water systems in the United States currently lose at least six billion gallons of water every day, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Drinking Water infrastructure report. Read more.
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[Blog] Harnessing the Power of Water Data
More frequent capture of water supply and distribution data is becoming a must-have for utilities as they strive to build network resilience, improve customer experience and meet regulatory expectations.
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[Blog] Open Data Can Open Up Opportunities
An open data approach can help water utilities drive efficiencies across their entire operations, says Matthew Hawkridge, chief technology officer, Ovarro
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[Blog] Global Proactive Leakage Management Within Reach
Water scarcity and regulatory pressure are leading to more remote monitoring of leakage - and technological advances mean that might be about to accelerate, writes Alan Cunningham, technical director, Ovarro.
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[Q&A] How Digital Transformation Can Bring New Opportunities
With digital technology transforming the way water companies manage their networks, Ovarro’s data innovation subject matter experts Alan Cunningham and George Heywood discuss an advanced solution that is helping the sector address key environmental and operational challenges
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[Blog] Rising to the Pollution Challenge with Machine Learning
Better analysis of existing data on rising mains can mitigate risk of pollution incidents, says George Heywood, analytics innovation lead
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[Blog] Harnessing Data to Meet Regulatory Targets
The scale of leak reduction required by water companies in England and Wales is accelerating the adoption new solutions, with smart technology having a vital role to play, says David Frost, chief executive, Ovarro.
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[Webinar] Preventing Pollution from Rising Mains through Machine Learning
View our recent webinar on-demand to understand how better analysis of existing data can mitigate risks and prevent pollution events.
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[Blog] RTUs for Oil and Gas pipelines:  Monitoring in Extreme Conditions
Matthew Hawkridge, chief technology officer, explains how Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) can be used to optimise the performance and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.
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[Blog] RTUs for Oil and Gas Pipelines:  Tackling Common Issues
Matthew Hawkridge, chief technology officer, explains how Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) can help to tackle the common issues facing pipeline operators.
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[Blog] RTUs for Oil and Gas Pipelines:  RTUs in the Field
Matthew Hawkridge, chief technology officer, examines how Ovarro TBox-MS Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) were used in the extreme conditions of the China-Russia crude oil pipeline.
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[Blog] RTUs for Oil and Gas Pipelines: Future Trends
Matthew Hawkridge, chief technology officer, explains his predictions for the future of Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) in the oil and gas industries.
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