Inclusivity & Diversity

Great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone and without promoting these, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

At Ovarro, our community is an integral part of everything we do.  Great ideas can come from anywhere and without promoting these, we wouldn’t be where we are today.   

Diversity and inclusion may sound like buzzwords to some people but, for us, it boils down to: ‘How can we create the best team possible?’ Our core company value is ‘One Team’ and we look to live up to this every day. Below is a small section on the many things that help us grow our team.   

Job adverts

We hire people not specifications. Although we provide a description of desirable skills and experience to help put a job in to context, we recognise how important an individual’s personal qualities are. That’s why we write all of our job adverts in neutral language to focus on how you can impact our team and how you can add value. 

Flexible working

We try to allow flexibility at all our locations when it comes to working hours. Sometimes things get in the way of the 9-5 - maybe you want to pick your kids up from school or maybe you just need a little bit of extra time to get yourself ready for work in the morning. The reasons are not important, what is important is that we have you covered. We also stress the importance of keeping to your chosen office hours. Work-life balance is key to avoiding burnout, so we encourage you to log-off and switch off.    

In-hours team bonding

Team bonding is great for overall unity but can be diluted when this is out of hours and you can’t attend due to other commitments. We have bi-weekly quizzes across all offices during work hours to make sure that all our colleagues have the opportunity to attend.   

Your voice

We listen. Your opinion matters to us. We have implemented a listening post at all levels to ensure your voice is heard. Our CEO holds a monthly Q&A session to allow you to discuss any issues or question you would have. We hold regular Employee Partnership Forum meetings that allow our colleagues to air any thoughts they may have that they might not want to discuss with their line managers. Finally, our Product Management team have implemented a platform allows anyone to submit and discuss product ideas. If you have an idea that would help us progress and improve, we listen.