Behind every successful company is a team that is empowered to work at their best. To make sure that our team is working at their best, we need to make sure that we provide the support that they need to enable them to achieve their potential.

There are many ways that we currently look to support our team but the most important method is through investing in Training and Development.

We don’t spoon feed by telling our team what they would need, but rather encouraging our team to take ownership of their personal growth with Ovarro looking to make sure that it happens. The key element of personal development is the word personal it has to come from the individual, your line manager will be there to help guide you and support where needed so that you don’t feel left in the dark.

We have supported our colleagues with; external courses, internal training, examinations, registration fees, membership feed for professional bodies & associations, textbooks & learning materials, allocation of study leave and lots more.

If there is something you need that will help you be better at what you do then we will do our best to make it happen. It does have limits of course, we previously had to decline our recruitment advisor's request to do a course in “something cool with robots” as he couldn’t give an appropriate reason as to how that would make him better at recruitment.