Connecting technologies to deliver trusted, secure, actionable insights that enhance situational awareness, one data point at a time.

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At Ovarro, we connect Big Data to make a Big Difference.

We enhance situational awareness by enabling data collection, connecting technologies to provide you with trusted insights to make business-critical decisions. Our products securely integrate with your assets to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Explore the technologies we can offer for Monitoring & Control, Analytics and SCADA Telemetry below and discover how our solutions can make a big difference to your business. 

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Monitoring & Control Devices

Our monitoring and control technology provides versatile solutions that increase situational awareness of your critical systems.

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Explore our suite of 'On Premise' and 'Cloud' Analytics and start to discover the true value of your data.

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SCADA Telemetry

SCOPE is a feature rich, enterprise SCADA and telemetry solution, developed by Ovarro for monitoring and controlling a diverse range of assets in real-time.

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Our experienced team of Technical Directors and Analysts specialise in Asset Management, Leakage & Demand and Network Optimisation consultancy.

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