Are you in control of your alarms?

Gain instant visibility of alarms


Ovarro's AlarmVision provides your team with the situational awareness you need. Effectively manage your telemetry alarms with a cloud based, real-time analytics dashboard.

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Caractéristiques et avantages en un clin d'œil

Enables visualisation of alarms

Measure performance against industry standard KPIs (EEMUA191, ISA18.2)

Reduce incidents and improve customer service

Inform prioritisation of resources

Built to deliver visibility

Throughout the development of the solution, Ovarro's AlarmVision has been designed using globally recognised standards (EEMUA191 and ISA18.2) to meet the regulations and provide a detailed insight into the levels of control. The AlarmVision dashboard incorporates key KPI benchmarks to enable decisions to be made and understood. 

Better manage your resources

The visual solution delivered by Ovarro's AlarmVision provides the opportunity to analyse the stream of alarms that arrive from a telemetry system. With instant visibility of control room operations, AlarmVision helps you to understand the patterns and trends within the data to draw conclusions and protect resources to remain in control.

Proactive rather than reactive

Ovarro's AlarmVision dashboards support you to overcome the challenges of managing alarms, turning a reactive challenge into a proactive solution. With anomalies in the data highlighted, you are able to explore and prioritise the critical alarms.




Via Atrium

‘Core’ Alarm KPI’s:

Average / Max Alarms per 10 minute period

Visible on 'Overview' screen

Alarm Management Analytics

% of hours containing more than 30 alarms

% of 10 min periods containing more than 5 alarms

Highlights alarm peaks and potential difficulties in alarm handling

Problem Alarm Identification

Understanding which are the problem alarms

Problem Alarm Analysis

Understanding how distributed the ‘problem’ alarms are

Flood Periods

Amount of time the system is considered 'out of control' - percentage of time the system is in flood

Pattern Analysis from data

Understanding if there are patterns in the alarm data

Periodic Analysis

Hour of day, day of week / month, month of year

Spiral Plot Analysis

Explores time of day patterns in alarms

Out of Hours view

Detailed analysis of ‘out of hours’ vs ‘normal hours’ alarm distribution

Asset Identification

Ability to see the asset information including manufacturer details and last modified (* requires access to other customer databases)
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