Water network management advisory tool for optimal and operational resource planning.

Water network management advisory tool


Our decision-support software MISER provides optimal asset management planning and operational strategies which deliver service and performance improvements at minimal cost, subject to resource and capacity constraints.

MISER is trusted by water companies to help make informed operational and investment planning decisions.

Features and benefits at a glance

Reduce operating costs

Maximise yield

Maintain sustainable output

Optimise refill and target levels

Identify minimum required capacities

Miser Solutions

Automated water network control system

Optimiser is proven to reduce operating costs and improve security by continuously reviewing your network data, controlling pumps in the most efficient way and forecasting ahead with predictive modelling.

  • Minimise cost and energy use of operation
  • Maximise security of supply
  • Respond to outages
  • Initialise model from telemetry data
  • Closed-loop control of assets

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