Employee Benefits

Because it's the small things that matter!

Benefits of working at Ovarro

When you join the Ovarro family, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be at your best. Whether it is here at work or after you have left for the day, we have you covered.

Benefits for you professionally

When you become part of our team, we want you to experience the nice parts of being in our community.

Our recognition platform is designed for you to highlight your colleagues who have stood out to you, plus it is always nice to have some recognition come your way.

Our referral bonus has paid out a fair bit recently and has allowed great people join our community. We like to break off once in a while for social events including company baking, charity events, and inhouse quizzes. Although we may need to handicap some of the quiz teams…

Finally, and most importantly, career development is vital to us. Several of our key team have progressed from juniors by taking advantage of great internal and external training.

Benefits for you financially

Our employees love Perkbox. You will find great savings on many things as well as a free monthly cinema ticket and weekly coffee certainly comes in handy, plus regular competitions to win free stuff.

You will get a box on your birthday and can acquire gift cards for instore savings.

You can use our cycle to work scheme if you’d like a greener commute.

Finally is our life assurance although, this is something we hope never to use.

Benefits for your wellbeing

Some days there are things that stop you from being at your best. Whether it is personal or work-related, these issues can way you down if they go unchecked.

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a 24/7 confidential service that will always have the support you need. For your physical wellbeing, though perkbox you can access discounted gym membership if you are trying to keep the body moving, or you can order a sandwich delivered to the office and exercise can be next week’s problem. 

Benefits for your working lifestyle (work life balance)

Here at Ovarro, we value your output much more than the amount of time you sit in your chair. We are not clock-watchers and we don’t expect you to be.

We run flexitime schedules in some of our offices and whilst others truncate their week to go home early on Friday. Whatever helps you work to your best is good for us.

If like us you stay powered up through the day with caffeine, we stock free tea & coffee to help you through that post break lull.