Leak detection in water networks

Our leak detection equipment monitors flow and acoustic noise, to provide reliable and rapid identification of leaks.

Water leak detector technology that helps operators protect their networks from leakages

The pressure on water authorities around the world to reduce the number of leakage events has never been greater. Water leaks are costly and reputation damaging. In response, our technology helps network operators identify leaks quickly and efficiently, helping put an end to Non-Revenue Water (NRW) losses.


Ovarro’s wide range of flow meters, data loggers, leak noise correlators and remote telemetry units (RTUs) enhance situational awareness. With better data collection and interpretation capabilities, operators can gain the insights they need to make critical decisions.


Leak detection loggers


Ovarro’s market-leading range of leak noise loggers and correlators offer pin-point accurate detection to locate water leaks. This enables water authorities to meet strict leakage targets.


Ovarro’s range of leak noise loggers and correlators use some of the most advanced leak detection technology available. For a full list of our available leak detection products, click here.

One of the biggest challenges across the water industry is the ability to detect leaks effectively on plastic pipes as they don’t transmit noise when they leak. Critically, unlike more widely used methods, this new technology can be used on plastic pipes, which make up 60 % of our waters mains. It will revolutionise what we do in terms of leakage.
Andy Smith
Regional Optimisation Manager, Anglian Water