Powerful and reliable, Kingfisher RTUs are easy to configure and deploy with built-in programming shortcuts, providing a secure and reliable connection to your assets.

Kingfisher CP35 Modular RTU

Advanced automation technology


Kingfisher RTUs offer a powerful and reliable technology solution that simplifies automation tasks and provides a secure connection to your assets, all while reducing the risk of failure. This enables critical infrastructure industries to control and monitor data from geographically dispersed assets in real-time.

The advanced high-performance processor seamlessly interfaces with intelligent communications and I/O modules to exceed the needs of the most demanding remote monitoring and control applications.

Kingfisher CP35  modular RTU
Features and benefits at a glance

Save engineering time with simple configuration

Instant access to critical data from remote assets

Secure platform, protecting your assets and data

Minimise risk of system failure

Increase network efficiency

Kingfisher Solutions
Kingfisher LP3 RTU logo

Low-power monitoring, control and data logging

A smart solution for low-power monitoring, control and data logging applications.

  • Ultra Low power consumption
  • Compatible with virtually any SCADA
  • Simple installation
  • Modular Communications
  • ISaGRAF and all IEC 61131-3 Languages
Image of Kingfisher LP3 RTU
Kingfisher Plus logo

Highly resilient, Secure and modular automation platform

Kingfisher Plus modular RTU for monitoring and automating applications

Highly resilient and secure modular automation platform for critical and demanding SCADA applications.

  • Multiple redundancies (CPU, Power, Comms)
  • Modular System
  • OLED & LED Display
  • Collect, store and analyse critical data
  • SD Cloning
  • Rugged & Robust 

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