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Technology solutions to provide visibility and insight to enable fully informed decision making and where possible predict events for proactive management of your infrastructure.

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PrimeWeb is a cloud based analytics solution for monitoring water network pressure, flow and leak location pinpointing.
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This cloud-based software provides a simple and secure remote connection between your TBox Remote Telemetry Unit and your web browser.
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Cloud Analytics from Ovarro

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Discover our Cloud Analytics Solutions and discover how we can turn your data into actionable insight. 

Designed and developed by Ovarro

Cloud based Water Network Analytics

This solution allows real-time data collection and display of water network hydraulic data plus leak alarms and correlated leak positions; all on one platform.

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Designed and developed by Ovarro

Simplified and secure machine-to-machine connection

Managing a network of hundreds of connected dispersed assets can be complex, costly and time consuming. Connect to and manage devices in a resilient and scalable way with TConnect.

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