Our mission has always been to advance productivity, safety and environmental performance.

40 years ago, that meant pioneering industrial automation for the steel industry in the North of England.

Today, we connect big data...

... to make a big difference.

Through innovation and collaboration, we help clients and our partner network safely, securely and intelligently manage assets across critical and national infrastructure around the globe with industry-leading, data-driven solutions that enable businesses to work smarter and more effectively.

And while the solutions we provide are designed for industrial applications, the benefits they bring reach far and wide; enabling millions to access clean water, keeping people safe at work, and maintaining security, stability and reliability on the transport and broadcast networks global citizens rely on every day.

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The technical nature of our work has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained constant:

Our reputation was built on the strength and length of our relationships

For that legacy to continue, we go to great lengths to ensure everyone at Ovarro lives and breathes our company values, because we believe collaboration, integrity and respect should extend beyond the walls of our business and encompass every aspect of our work.

Our connected technology is proven, trusted and reliable. But we know that would count for nothing if our customers didn’t say the same thing about ou

That’s why we work so hard to show our customers that we understand them and their business, and that we’re fully invested in their success by continuing to innovate and create new products and services that meet their current and future needs.

Together, we’re connecting technologies for better.

Welcome to Ovarro.

At Ovarro we connect big data to make a big difference