Website positions Ovarro for growth

In March this year, Servelec Technologies and Primayer, two long established companies in the industrial technology sector, underwent a full rebrand, bringing both companies under a single, unified entity; Ovarro. 

Here, our Marketing Manager, James Brook, chats to us about the rebrand, the new website and what it means for the future of Ovarro. 

What were the challenges of developing a new brand and website?

You have to remember that this wasn’t a straightforward rebrand because it also involved bringing together two separate businesses – Servelec Technologies and Primayer. Each company was well respected in the markets they served and both had strong product line brand names. 

A large part of the rebrand involved aligning the product lines and overall product architecture. Working with a specialist brand agency, conducting in-depth customer and market research, and looking at our overall strategy, we have developed a clear, go to market strategy built around three core technology solution categories (Monitoring & Control, Analytics and Telemetry). As we expand, the model we have used will scale as our portfolio grows.

What is different about the website and user experience?

We are now driving our solutions by sector / solution and application, and the new website supports this customer journey. It allows visitors to drill down into the technology that we offer for each, which wasn’t possible on the previous websites.

One of the key requirements of the website was that it offered the right technology to the right sector. For example, we didn’t want to showcase our leakage solutions in Monitoring and Control if the visitor was interested in the Broadcast sector. The brand message is all about saving time for customers and helping them find a solution quickly.

When building the site, we placed much emphasis on visitor demographics, we wanted to cater for the various users we attract and hope to attract in the future. From engineers looking for a technical specification, executives looking for clear benefits and ROI of deploying our technology, to users trying to locate their nearest Ovarro distributor, and our broader audience of attracting new talent to our business. That meant we had to balance the language so that it appealed to all levels; for us, it was all about getting the value proposition right.

Are there any new features on the website that visitors should look out for?

The ‘Explore our Technology’ product finder is one to look out for. Visitors can input their chosen sector, along with the application they’re working on, to generate a list of relevant products and solutions

What do you see as the main challenges of moving away from the existing brands?

The main challenge was bringing together the two brands without losing the brand equity that each company had in its own product lines. The legacy Primayer brand was specific to the Water sector and although Servelec Technologies core market was also Water, it served other end markets such as Oil & Gas, Transportation, Broadcast and Power.

We will be running campaigns to promote the new brands going forward, although we’re already gaining some good feedback from existing customers and partners as well as some positive traction for deploying our technology in applications that are new to us, such as the Cryogenic sectors. Currently, the website is in English although we have plans to introduce multiple languages to reflect our global presence.

What are the next steps now the branding is finalised and website is live?

Traditionally, the legacy businesses have focussed on the ‘specification’ of a product; of course, this is important, but we want to focus on the customer challenge, understand it and then bring the technology solution we can offer to overcome these challenges.

Our technology is the ‘means’ to delivering what customers want to achieve; understanding, informing and educating is what we need to focus on as we grow our technology portfolio and expand in to new markets, applications and regions. This sits comfortably with Ovarro’s vision.

What is Ovarro’s vision?

As we went through our rebrand, we took the opportunity to reassess our vision, to align it to our strategy and the benefits that the combined technology and people of the legacy businesses bring. As Ovarro, we aspire to support a sustainable future for industries and communities around the world by connecting technologies to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness one data point at a time.