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Greg Brotherton ID Card


What is your typical day at work like?

Generally, lots of interviews. I speak to many different people with vastly different skillsets to see if they would be a great fit for Ovarro’s values and bring a fresh mindset to the team.

How many people do you think you speak to every day?

All the members of our fantastic HR team, lots of different hiring managers, and several interviewees. On a typical day it would be over 10.

What do you aim to achieve each day?

Some progress. In recent times it has been hard not to judge ourselves too harshly on our performance so if I am keeping things progressing towards our end goal, I try to remind myself this is good. I’d love to hire one person every day but I try to keep my aims manageable and achievable so that I remain positive.  

What three words describe your role?

Busy, collaborative, investigatory

What has been your most memorable work moment so far?

Seeing team members hired 12 months ago that are progressing very well and adding huge value to the team.

What’s your favourite thing about the job?

Working in a stable and supportive environment where your ideas are valued and your needs are being addressed.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

I like running when it isn’t cold and rainy, I play a little bit of football manager when I can, and I try to experiment with cooking.   

If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would it be?

I’d love to take my daughter to any of the global Disney parks.

What annoys you/ what is an issue that you are passionate about?

My biggest annoyance is littering. Especially walking around a lake/pond and seeing things that people have thrown in.


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