Remote monitoring with RTUs

Remote telemetry for monitoring and control

Remote monitoring

Remote telemetry solutions offer businesses greater oversight and control over their assets, especially when those assets are spread over a large geographical area.


Ovarro’s telemetry systems consist of a combination of remote telemetry units (RTUs) connected to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software. RTUs can be placed on asset sites, where they collect, analyse, store and act on data. That data is transmitted to the central SCADA system, giving operators a real-time overview of the status of every asset in the network.


Remote telemetry systems offer businesses greater control over their assets, more informed decision making, and reduced costs in terms of maintenance and manpower.


Choosing a remote telemetry solution


When choosing a remote telemetry solution. It’s important to consider three things: flexibility, scalability and security.


Firstly, pick a remote monitoring system adapt and grow with your business model. RTUs are an excellent multi-tasking tool, and can easily be reprogrammed with new parameters and instructions. Secondly, an Ovarro telemetry network can easily be expanded. Additional RTUs can simply be connected into the system, growing with your asset base.


Finally, connecting any asset to the internet brings a certain level of risk, especially if it wasn’t designed with Industry 4.0 in mind. All Ovarro’s RTUs were designed with security in mind, complying with international security standards — so you can rest assured that your data stays in your hands.


RTUs from Ovarro


RTUs are the key to an effective remote telemetry system. Each of Ovarro’s RTU ranges offers a slightly different set of features, meaning you can always find an RTU suitable for your desired application.


For more information on Ovarro’s wide rands of secure, reliable RTUs, including the Kingfisher, Tbox, and Datawatt series, click here.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
RTUs | Remote Telemetry Unit | Monitoring and Control

Minimise risks of system failure

RTUs | Remote Telemetry Unit | Monitoring and Control

Instant access to data from remote assets

RTUs | Remote Telemetry Unit | Monitoring and Control

Fulfil your current and future automation needs

RTUs | Remote Telemetry Unit | Monitoring and Control

Designed to secure your data and protect your assets

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