Kingfisher LP-3

Powerful, secure and reliable, Kingfisher RTUs are easy to configure and deploy with built-in programming shortcuts.

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A smart solution for low-power monitoring, control and data logging applications.

The Kingfisher LP-3 intelligent low-power remote telemetry unit opens up the world of real-time communications and SCADA to remote locations.

Features & Benefits At A Glance
RGB Tech Spec

Rugged - Use in the harshest of environments

Compatible with virtually any SCADA

Ultra Low Power

Secure platform to protect your assets and data

Rugged design

The Kingfisher LP-3 is packaged in a two-part, rugged plastic enclosure which measures just 185mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 50mm (D) and houses the electronics and communication interfaces, ensuring it can withstand even the harshest environments.

Kingfisher LP3 remote telemetry unit
Kingfisher LP3 RTU top and side view
Compatible & Easy Configuration

The Kingfisher LP-3 is compatible with virtually any SCADA, providing customers and partners with the flexibility you require.

The LP-3 supports ISaGRAF and all IEC 61131-3 Languages, saving you time on site with easy configuration and a library of pre-engineered function blocks.

Ultra-Low Power consumption

Intelligent management of power consumption allows the Kingfisher LP-3 to be battery or solar powered.

When operating it draws as little as 24mW and in sleep-mode has a current draw of less than 1mA, minimising the size and cost of the required power supply.

Kingfisher LP3 RTU rear view
Kingfisher LP3 RTU view of the communication ports
Modular Communications

The LP-3 provides options to suit your every need. Each Kingfisher LP-3 has a maximum of eight digital inputs, three of which can be configured as digital outputs. In addition, each unit has four analogue inputs and one analogue output. Kingfisher LP-3 communications options include:

  • A4 – SFP (Fibre Ethernet)

  • T4 – Copper Ethernet

  • H – HART interface

  • I – Serial copper

  • L – Private line


Input supply

9.0 - 15.0 V DC @2A max

Power consumption, I/O scan

<55 mA (option ports 3 & 4 not loaded)

Power consumption, sleeping

<2 mA via DC supply

Operating temperature range

-20 ° C to +70 ° C (excluding battery)

Operating humidity

5% to 98% R.H. non condensing


Hitachi H8S/2144 operating at 32KHz or 7.38MHz

Flash RAM



4K internal, 512K external (battery backed)

Real-time clock


Battery backup for RAM & RTC

Yes, Lithium

Backup battery lifetime

7 years at 25 °C


185mm (H) x 130mm (W) x 50mm (D)

Comm Port 1

RS-232/RS-485, 300 to 38, 400bps non isolated

Comm Port 2

RS-232/RS-485, 300 to 38, 400bps isolated

Comm Port 3 & Comm Port 4

Refer to list of card options: A4 Ethernet MTRJ Fiber, F Serial Fibre, H HART, I Isolated Serial, L Private line 1200 Baud, T4 Ethernet

Number of inputs

Max. Channels 5 to 8 can be configured as digital outputs

Input voltage range

5 to 30V AC/DC=ON; 0 to 1.0V DC = OFF

Digital Inputs

Number of outputs

Latching relays, plus up to 4 Open Drain (Channels 5 - 8)

Digital Outputs

Maximum voltage

Relays 30V AC/DC, Open Drain 30V DC

Maximum switching currency

Relays 2A, Open Drain 300mA total


500V (relay)

Analogue Inputs

Number of inputs

4 plus (inc. battery. V, RTU current, RTU temp & ADC V Ref)

Input voltage range

0-5V (0-20mA with ext. 250 Ohm resistance)

A/D converter resolution

12 bit

Binary input range

0 to 32,760



Comms options D, R1 and R2


Main module plus comms options A3, D, I, L, R2, R3, T3
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