International Women's Day - Menisha Parveen Dhaliwa

Menisha Parveen Q&A Quote


What is your current role and the most exciting part of your work?

I am currently the Financial Controller (APAC) for Ovarro. The APAC region is going through a huge change and I am part of making that change a success which excites me. Even though making this happen is a tremendous amount of work, knowing that I am creating something that is of value for the organisation drives me to do better.

What does this year’s theme ‘Choose to Challenge’ mean to you?

The ‘Choose to Challenge’ theme this year is an impactful one for women, I feel in Asia especially, as some women are subjected to certain behavioural expectations by the community they live & work in.

‘Choose to Challenge’ should be a motto for all women from all walks of life to break free from the expectations of others and do what you feel is right: to stand up against discrimination and gender bias. As mothers, the ‘Choose to Challenge’ mentality we adopt will teach our children to also stand up for themselves.

Do you feel that you are currently working in a male-dominated industry?

No, I do not. It used to be that way, but we have come a long way, thank goodness! We are now in an era where women hold high and important positions in this industry due to their expertise in their field.

Can you tell me about a female role model who inspires you?

There is only one female who has always inspired me right from my teenage days, and that is none other than Oprah Winfrey. She taught many women to ‘Choose to Challenge’, came out stronger from her own hardships and is now a role model for many women just like she is to me.

What was your dream job when you were younger?

Well, this is funny. My dream has always been to be a Dolphin Trainer for SEAWORLD Australia. If I were ever given a chance to go back and choose again, this is what I would pursue!